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While ArsClip is highly configurable using the Configuration window, there are some hidden settings that are only documented here.

joejoe Apr-06-12 7:31 PM UTC

Popup Colors

NOTE: Version 4.6 and above has Configuration options for changing the popup colors.

ArsClip uses the system's current Theme colors for generating the popup (starting in version 4.0.0). In Windows, these settings are found under the 'Window Color and Appearance' dialog.

'3d Objects' is used for the main window color and text color*
'Selected Items' is used for the highlight color
'Active Title Bar' is used for an expanded menu
'Inactive Title Bar' is used for a collapsed menu
'Window' is used for the background of items in an expanded menu

*ArsClip specifically uses ButtonFace and ButtonText that are only manually accessible in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors.

joejoe Apr-06-12 7:39 PM UTC

Accelerator Keys

For the automatically generated shotcut keys (accelerator keys) on the popup, ArsClip uses the characters found in the arsclip.ini file (starting in version 4.0.0).



The AlphaNumeric characters are used first and then Symbols are used as a last resort. The very last character in Symbols is used for the 'Show More' menu item.

joejoe Apr-06-12 7:45 PM UTC

Paste Delay


In the arsclip.ini configuration file, this setting is mainly used for compatibility reasons. It defines the number of milliseconds the program will pause before pasting into the target window.

On slower systems and certain programs, increasing this time to around 200 (1/5th a second) will give the system time enough make sure focus is returned to the target program before simulating a CTRL+V paste keystroke.

joejoe Apr-11-12 7:18 PM UTC

Right-Click trigger delay


In the arsclip.ini configuration file, this setting defines the time in milliseconds to wait before triggering the popup when right-click is held. The default setting is a little over half a second.

joejoe Apr-11-12 7:23 PM UTC

Pre-Capture Delay


In the arsclip.ini configuration file, this setting defines the time in milliseconds to wait before making a copy of a new clipboard item. The default setting is a 1/20th of a second.

This is used for compatibility reasons only. There is sometimes a conflict when certain programs hold the clipboard open for a long period of time when ArsClip tries to retrieve the data. Increasing this value will sometimes work around this issue.

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