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joejoe Nov-19-15 10:26 AM CST

A New ArsClip Release


Version 5.05 of ArsClip is a solely bug fix and stability release. Notably, this fixes the issue where the Removed Clips menu item is missing from Popup. Also, a memory error that occurs on a some installs has been rectified.

joejoe Nov-15-15 10:36 AM CST

New Program: WinColor


This is the first official release of WinColor: a tool for changing the colors used by Win8/10 to paint the taskbar, start menu, and so on.

Since release, this program has been overwhelmingly popular. It is being downloaded twice as much as ArsClip and Rename Master combined (the two most popular programs on this site).

joejoe Oct-30-15 3:31 PM CDT

Hire Me

I'm now officially offering creating custom tools to the public. I'll be specializing in creating niche utility programs for Windows in either command-line and/or GUI form. Programs you just can't find anywhere else.

See the Custom Apps page for details.

joejoe Sep-29-15 11:52 AM CDT

A New Arslip


Version 5 of ArsClip has been officially released.

New Clip Storage
Clips are now stored in a SQLite database. This open format is used to support the following new features:

Cloud Support, Shared Folder support
While not directly supported, AC has been updated to work when run from a shared folder. This means that multiple computers can run a single install have their own data when run from a network share. Importing data from other installs is supported.

Optional Global Clipboard
When using a shared location, AC can share clipboard changes between multiple computers. AC doesn't do the sharing, so a mechanism like a cloud sync tool or a network share is required. I said ArsClip would never share data over the Internet very early on. This still technically true, but now AC is compatible with sharing tools.

In a future update of ArsClip Mini, it will also be able to use the global clipboard on a LAN connection.

Portable Still Supported
AC automatically detects certain situations, like running from a USB drive. In USB mode, a single instance for clip data is used. So, it will behave as expected.

One Edit Window
The Edit History and Edit Permanent Clips windows have been combined into a single window. The new Edit Clips/Macros window makes it much easier to juggle all those activities in one location.


Thank you, to all the beta testers that contributed to this update.

joejoe Aug-09-15 4:13 AM CDT


A failing harddrive is being replaced on my development machine. Thanks to user donations, replacing this item was no issue.

EDIT: The drive replacement work is done. All is well.

Current applications are now being tested on Windows 10. The only major issue seems to be some ArsClip Installs having problems with the Windows VirtualStore. For compatibility, the next version of ArsClip will automatically use the user profile for storing data when the program is installed in the Program Files folder. For current installs, the only work around is to move the program outside the Program Files folder.

joejoe May-21-15 6:08 PM CDT

ArsClip Mini for Android

Version 1.02 for Android has been release on the Google Play store. The version addresses some minor bugs and adds support for Google's automatic backup and restore.

See arsclipmini.joejoesoft.com for a mobile-friendly page and the download link.


joejoe Apr-23-15 12:56 PM CDT

Rename Master Release


The new version of RM is focused on meta-variables and making them easier. Variables are now replaced with friendly names that are easy to identify and click. The formatting dialog has also been re-worked to simplify the process.

joejoe Feb-04-15 7:27 PM CST

ArsClip Mini for Android

ArsClip Mini for Android v1.0 is now officially available on the Google Play store.

See arsclipmini.joejoesoft.com for a mobile-friendly page and the download link.


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