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joejoe Dec-18-13 3:30 PM CST

Last Updates for 2013

Both ArsClip and Rename Master have new official releases this month. Rename Master's release is almost purely a bug-fix release. ArsClip's release features tweaks to the Clipboard Bar, some new configuration options, and quite a few fixes.

joejoe Oct-09-13 4:34 PM CDT

ArsClip Update


Version 4.13 of ArsClip has been officially released. Beside bug fixes, the focus of this release was on two items: the Clipboard Bar and the clip file format.

The Clipboard Bar has been updated to be a mouse-friendly control. Besides displaying the current clipboard, it now also acts as a drag-and-drop target, a popup trigger, and a clipboard manager. For drag-and-drop support, clips can be dragged to be pasted as text, clips can be dragged to a file manager to create a new file, and text/richtext clips can be dragged onto the Clipboard Bar to paste the file contents onto the clipboard. The new Toolbar for the Clipboard Bar is a centralized location for clipboard management. The current clip can be shown in an editor, altered, and/or made into a Permanent Clip.

The old clip file format was showing growing pains. Over the years, the way clips have been stored has changed drastically. For compatibility, new features usually required a new file to store new data. It could require seven different files just to load a single clips. The new clip format uses a single file to store all the data associated with a clip. The end result is simplicity and efficiency.

joejoe Jul-11-13 9:23 PM CDT

RSS Feeds Updated

There was a small change to the RSS feeds to work around issues with some readers. Although the feed was completely valid, a few utilities didn't process them correctly without an optional field.

Also, many pages now have a "Subscribe to this page" link. The main feed announces changes on the entire site, but these feeds only announce changes for a single page.

joejoe Jun-26-13 2:23 PM CDT

A Quick Update for ArsClip


Version 4.11 of ArsClip has been officially released. The major focus of this build was to improve the visuals of the popup clip. The goal was to make it look better and improve usability. A lot of work has been done for color compatibility. To show of the improvement, I've added some example color schemes to choose from. Many, many small changes have also been made for usability. For example. hovering a clip icon will now change the graphic to signify it's function.

For keyboard users, the popup now has enhanced shortcut keys. These keys will automatically appear on submenus menus when accessed via keystrokes. Before, only the arrow keys could be used for keyboard navigation.

joejoe Jun-17-13 2:49 PM CDT

A New ArsClip


Version 4.10 of ArsClip has been officially released. The new major feature in this release is Clip Sets. This feature aids in showing a larger clip history directly on the popup by splitting the clips into sets in expandable menus. The second minor feature is a color change for clicked on clips. With both of the features combined, the Recently Clicked and Recently Removed options aren't really needed.

Other minor changes include: an improved Clip Menu with shortcut key support, Richtext is displayed on the Tooltip hint, and so on.

joejoe Jun-02-13 10:04 PM CDT

House Keeping

The look of the website is currently in flux. It has been a long time since the site was designed and a lot has changed with web browsers in that time. Since CSS was used for a majority of the latter design, updating the entire site is trivial. Due to aggressive caching by most browsers, the changes aren't likely to be seen until a refresh is performed.

The changes are going to be small and the overall layout will remain the same. The goal is to experiment with the smaller elements for both usability and aesthetics. Currently, posts are now enclosed to help separate and distinguish each. Inside a posts, the download links have been changed for the same reasons. Navigation links don't use as much vertical space and both navigation links and breadcrumbs have been updated visually.

joejoe Jun-02-13 12:28 AM CDT

Download Links

I've made a minor visual change to download links to look more like the current style of download buttons. This look should make the link stand out and well as make the link easier to identify.

joejoe May-15-13 6:30 PM CDT

Invisible Move

The website is moving to a new shared server in 3 days, but you shouldn't notice any change if everything goes well. It's still the same service provider, but they're moving this site to a newer, more powerful server. Since the site performed well on the old system, I expect it to do very well on the new system.

Any issues would appear late Friday or early Saturday (the 18th).

Update: The server transfer is taking quite a long time and my account is way down on the list. It may be Monday or later before my site is moved.

Update2: The move went well except for some minor warning issues that seem to have now been fixed.

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