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joejoe May-14-24 7:34 AM UTC

Rename Master Official Release

Version 3.18 or Rename Master has been officially released.

A lot of work went into fixing keyboard navigation issues with the Renaming Script tab. For expanded steps, pressing Tab will not only navigate between controls for the step, but it will also navigate to the next expanded step. The current script dropdown on this tab is also now tab accessible.

A new ?reg? tag has been added to selectively enable Regular Expressions for a single text field. This makes it easier to use other text fields without having to worry about using reserved characters.

When Win10 Build 1607 or higher is detected, RM now supports longer filenames when renaming.

The source code for RM is now included in the archive. This change should have happened a long time ago. The bandwidth limitations for the server are less strict, so including the source by default isn't an issue. Before, the source archive was only available on request.

joejoe Mar-19-24 6:49 AM UTC

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.40 of ArsClip has been officially released.

This is a hotfix release to address 2 issues from the last official release. This fixes the visual issue with the last Clip Set on the Popup being too large. Also, the new JavaScript HTML support wasn't working in some programs.

joejoe Mar-02-24 6:39 AM UTC

Donation Streak

I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention. For at least the past 9 years, I've had at least one donation every month. The last donation streak was probably longer, but I didn't keep monthly updates for 2003 through 2014. I've been very fortunate to have my hobby website payed for by users for decades. Thanks for all the support.

joejoe Feb-26-24 5:56 PM UTC

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.39 of ArsClip has been officially released.

This versions improves the Popup to be more visually stable when displaying Clip Sets. When switching to a Clip Set that isn't completely full, it will be displayed similarly to when the set is full. This prevents the Popup from "jumping" to a smaller or larger size when changing groups. Similarly, the width of the Popup would also "jump" when expanding a group where the items inside are wider than all other menu items.

HTML Clip support is improving. Since the default format for copying text from most modern browsers is HTML Clip, the program has been updated to better interact with these clips. The Tooltip when hovering Popup/Clipboard Bar clips will now display HTML content (enabled by default).

The Clipboard Bar now supports custom Alter Clipboard menu items. There are some default scripts included that show off the new HTML Clip scripting support. One script will convert to plaintext, but preserve URL links. The second will just extract all links from the current clip.

An experimental feature has been added to the program to partially support language translations. This "-language" command line parameter will auto-generate a language file. Not all text generated by the program is included, but most items are present.

joejoe Nov-25-23 9:03 PM UTC

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.38 of ArsClip has been officially released.

The current major changes can be summed up as: scripting support for HTML Clips and History/Permanent Clips Tab polishing in the Edit Clips/Macros window. There are also 3 new Configuration options/updates as well as several fixes.

The JavaScript scripting changes support HTML Clips on the clipboard in either code form or as a DOM Document. A few new examples will be added to the "Online Code Examples" in the next few days. There are already 2 examples posted in the Public Beta section of this set.

The History tab now supports better Find/Filter options. You can now list clips that are matches by text, clip type, and/or program. For advanced users, RegEx support is part of the text searching options.

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