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NewFileGo watches files for changes to trigger a command. This is an automation utitlity for advanced users.

- multiple folder watchers
- monitoring by filemask
- execute Explorer context menu commands
- execute scripts, batch files, or command prompt commands

Delphi XE2 source code included


Supported on Windows 8 through Windows 10.

joejoe Jun-12-17 11:10 AM EDT

Changes in v1.04

Download nfgv104.zip

Fix: issue when shutting don Windows

joejoe Apr-12-17 12:29 PM EDT

Changes in v1.03

[download replaced by above version]

Fix: issue with at symbol in commands or filenames

joejoe Jan-11-17 2:07 PM EST

Changes in v1.02

[download replaced by above version]

(Main Window)
New: added a hover hint to show the full path of a Watcher item

Fix: stability issues

joejoe Aug-01-16 11:50 AM EDT

Changes in v1.01

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Changed Monitor)
- error message on new file event

joejoe Nov-22-15 12:06 PM EST

Changes in v1.00

[download replaced by above version]

NOTES: First official release version

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