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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Jun-29-15 6:43 PM CDT

The Database Update - Part 3

First, a big thank you to to all the beta testers. There are so many cases to test that I miss on my own. For example, I forgot about the date routines on non-US English systems. I also forgot to test running the program on a clean install.

The current test versions do just enough get the existing code to work with the database. Many of the previous design choices made aren't needed and are inefficient. The next changes will be to improve the code to make better use of database.

EDIT: The Plans and Ideas section for ArsClip has been updated.

joejoe Jun-28-15 1:51 PM CDT

The Database Update - Part 2

Code that has not been touched in years was reworked/replaced to support database storage. It was a lot of work, but the code is now cleaner and more reliable.

Permanent Clips are now imported in the database. The "everything is a clip" design works well. There are no more special cases to handle. Removed Clips can be deleted without having to erase the entire cache.

There's still more work to be done. For example, the program still relies on Permanent Clips/Macros having a folder, even though the program reads and writes to the database.

Lots of bug, including many old bugs, have been fixed in the latest update. For example, the Removed Clips list in Edit History didn't show new clips as they were added when the form was open.

joejoe Jun-26-15 10:06 PM CDT

The Database Update

The current Public Beta test of ArsClip imports all data into a single database file on the first run. After the import, all reads and writes are perform on the database. On most systems, the import is so quick that it won't be noticed.

The Removed Clips tab in Edit History is much faster. Instead of hundreds of reads on small files, one read is performed on an optimized file format. Removed Clips can now easily handle thousands of clips. Also, it will be possible to delete clips from the Removed Clips in a future test version.

Popup Clips still work the same as before. They are stored in memory for speed. In the background, the list is periodically stored to disk. These clips are marked with the name of the machine that ArsClip is running. Each machine has its own list.

This database change is also for cloud compatibility. When the ArsClip folder is synced with a cloud utility, there won't be any conflicts with multiple instances overwriting data. The down-side is that then entire database file must be uploaded, instead of just the new/changed files.

The database used is SQLite3. It is a popular cross-platform specialized format for running on a single machine. It's what Android uses, so it's perfect for later integration. This also means that advanced users can use one of the many open source GUIs to view and edit the database.

The current TODO list for upcoming test versions:
- change Edit History to show Popup Clips from other machines
- change Edit history to allow deletes of Removed Clips
- implement a "shared clipboard" option
- fix bugs

The current IDEAS list:
- investigate if having an option for "on disk" popup clips, instead of in-memory, is a good idea

joejoe Jun-24-15 11:46 PM CDT

More Status Stuff

Work has begun on the next ArsClip beta (Windows) for cloud compatibility. Currently, the official program mostly when placed in a folder linked to a cloud storage application. Conflicts arise when the program is run from two locations at the same time. The popup clip history can be overwritten by both programs.

The "quick fix" would be just to create separate folders for popup clips for each instance. All other items and clips would be shared. The real fix requires much more work. The clip data truly belongs in a database. This allows for more flexibility and future expansion; as well as ArsClip Mini data sharing.

joejoe Apr-03-15 4:39 PM CDT

ArsClip Mini behind the scenes

Currently, backup has been researched and partially implemented. Google's built in support just isn't working as expected. It backs up the settings just fine, but is not working for the clip database. At this point, the program seems to require integrating with Google Drive and/or Dropbox to work as needed.

The way backup is designed will influence how cloud sharing can work. Some important decisions must be made before starting. The easiest and safest way to design the data would be to keep each device's data separate, but allow browsing of another device's data under the same logon. The cloud service would handle almost all of this work.

The format of the backup data also is an issue. The database used works great for multiple Android devices, but is a huge unknown on Windows and Delphi. Sharing between desktop and Android would be very nice, but the Android user base is still very small. The Windows users would rather have a version of ArsClip that can safely run off of a cloud service.

In any case, a version of ArsClip Mini with automatic backup/restore on install is delayed.

joejoe Mar-06-15 7:33 PM CST

An FYI Post

I'm working on an app for a business, so the investment in learning Android paid off. There's still 2-4 weeks worth of work left to do, so updates will be delayed a bit more.

AC Mini has 2 minor fixes that haven't been uploaded yet.

ArsClip's official release is long over due. The same goes for Rename Master with it's new tag system.

joejoe Feb-04-15 7:19 PM CST

Final Version

Google Play ArsClip Mini

The Google Play official release is available on the Play store. The final version in the Public Beta section is the same, but it's built with the ads already removed. This is a very small "thank you" to the beta testers. I'll very likely continue to offer it for free for all the help creating the app.

These two builds are "signed" differently, so they both cannot be installed on the same device at the same time. Currently, uninstalling ArsClip Mini will also remove all the settings and clips (except for any in-app purchases). This will be changed, likely in version 1.1.

After a month of development time, a smal break seems to be in order.

joejoe Feb-02-15 6:05 PM CST

Future Stuff

ArsClip Mini version 1 is about 99% set in stone. The remaining one percent left will be stuff only for the Google Play store.

There are already other ideas that are planned for a future version.

One idea is an "auto-links" feature. The program would automatically inspect text boxes that report selectable text and look for links in the text. The links would be displayed as a Favorites group.

The main window doesn't currently have much use. Since the popup needs to be streamlined (as per the design rules), the main window could feature some useful but little used features. If limited Macro support is implemented, it would likely be done here.

The other ideas are centered around "Internet stuff" and sharing. Those will require a lot of though and research.

joejoe Jan-29-15 2:07 PM CST

Release Candidate

It's done. ArsClip Mini is now feature complete. Besides doing more torture testing, the changes to ad support still remain. The last decision will be how ads will be shown for the Google Play version.

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