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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Nov-12-18 1:02 AM CST

ArsClip Mini Growing Pains

Newer versions of Android and policy changes in Android have made compatibility difficult for AC Mini. Google has made fundamental changes to how an App interacts with Android that caused AC Mini not to work. This means that AC now has to conditionally perform a lot more tasks and has to be tested on a wider range of Android versions.

For a period of a few months, Google no longer provided Android operating system images that I could use for testing in the emulator for Android Studio. This meant I couldn't test or fix issues that were being reported by Android version 8 users. At the same time, Google Play no longer allowed for updates to apps that were targeting older versions of there SDK (software developer's kit). Changing to a newer SDK also caused behavior changes that resulted in unexpected crashes. I was at a point where I had to stop development; possible permanently.

The good news is that Android Studio is updated an their emulator works better than ever. It's now hardware accelerated even on AMD CPUs (on Windows 10). What used to take minutes now takes seconds, so testing isn't a huge pain. I don't have any current plans for new features, but I can at least now do maintenance. For an official release, AC Mini is going to require a full test of every feature on at least 3 different versions of Android. AC Mini will still support v4.2 and above of Android.

The current Public Beta test of AC Mini fixes two issues that kept if from starting on Android 8 (Oreo). On 8, a separate dialog will be shown for requesting Overlay Window permission for the Popup button. This is one of the fundamental changes in Android that broke AC Mini on version 8.

joejoe Jan-04-18 11:40 PM CST

ArsClip Mini New Test

The current Public Beta test for ArsClip mini has just a few small code fixes. The compiler, however, has been updated and a lot of new versions of libraries are now being used. This includes the Google Play library and the default themes used for showing windows.

Everything looks like it's working just fine on my device (Android 7.0), but I'll feel much better after it has been tested on a wider range of devices. If you find something looks off or is acting a bit weird, please let me know.

joejoe Dec-13-17 3:50 PM CST

ArsClip Roadmap

Version 5.26 is now being planned. This update will further refine the Edit Clip window. I'm hoping that now that version 5.25 is an official release, I'll be receiving more feedback for this part of the program. It's a feature only some advanced users tend to exercise, so a larger audience might help.

I'm also looking for more ideas to add to the Online Code Examples sections. I may need to add more custom JavaScript special functions to support automation better. For example. the ability to find and focus a window is not present in JavaScript. There also may need to be more clipboard information tools to query the current state of the clip.

Version 6.00 of ArsClip is still conceptual. It will require the entire Configuration interface be designed ahead of time before any work can be done. Unlike most updates, I won't be able to do just a small part at a time. I've been delaying working on this since I don't have the workspace for such a hard project.

joejoe Sep-24-17 4:18 PM CDT

v5.25 Focus is One Window


The Edit Clips window is the only location planned for new features. A new optional side panel will be the location for information. Currently the Edit History has an About/Help tab that contains information about creating AC Macros, but you can't show the info and use the edit window as the same time.

Most of the buttons have been moved to the Menu Bar. This removes a lot of clutter from the window and organizes things better.

All of the "Example" menus have been removed from the dropdown menus. The examples will now all be retrieved online, so new macros will appear immediately. Users that request help for scripts may see their script appear in the Online Code Examples. The Custom Clip Menu items have their own online script section. The window performs the same way, but is designed to work with a selected clip from the Popup Clips list.

joejoe Sep-18-17 11:03 PM CDT

ArsClip Mini RFC2

The clipboard sharing feature needed to be updated more before release. This feature is a bit conceptual, so the visual indicators were really needed to help users work around various issues. I'm working with a new router and my previous configuration stopped working. This actually helped me come up with better ways to handle error conditions.

Systems running virtual machines can return the IP address of the virtual machine for the Windows machine name. The computer name dialog now accepts IP addresses and computer names to work around this case.

The main window will show an indicator when sharing is enabled. When there is an error condition, the indicator turns red and an error message is shown.

The settings window for clipboard sharing has been re-ordered. In most cases, a user/pass must be used by default to even to list the shares of a computer. This changed happened with Windows 10 and is one of the main reasons this AC feature had to be reworked.

joejoe Sep-17-17 10:38 AM CDT

New Roadmap

Plans have changed.

First, AC Mini still needs fixes to the "Connect to Windows LAN" settings screen. It needs to let the user save settings when disabling the feature using the checkbox. Once fixed, this will be released and work will begin to update the main window. When clipboard sharing is enabled, this window needs to show information to let the user know if the feature is working properly.

After AC Mini is finished, ArsClip v5.24 will be officially released and a few days will be reserved before working on the next update. From this point, the "Roadmap" for ArsClip will continue as planned. v5.25 will be a small update to implement the online macro library and v6.00 will be a complete overhaul of the Configuration window.

joejoe Aug-18-17 3:22 PM CDT

ArsClip Mini RFC

For those using this app on Android, I need your feedback. The latest beta had to rework the Connect to Windows LAN window. It now requires manually entering the computer name. Two issues were discovered that made browsing the network next to impossible. A PC running a virtual ethernet connection (usually for a virtual device) would return 2 IP addresses for the machine. The first would be incorrect and almost always offline. Win10 stopped responding to requests via the IPC service, which is how the open source software worked for browsing. It would take almost a complete re-write of the open source library - months of work.

Secondly, I found some rare crash conditions that should now be fixed. Running the live app and the beta would incorrectly detect the AC Mini service state.

It has been over a year since this app was updated, so it needs a quick update for maintenance.

joejoe Aug-14-17 6:27 PM CDT

ArsClip Mini Status

The network browsing broke and it appears to no longer be able to discover File Shares on Windows 10. It can connect to the share, but cannot browse the computers on the network. The open source code I'm using to connect to shares was abandoned long ago, so getting a fix for this isn't likely.

I've been attempting to create my own network browser, but Android doesn't allow broadcasting for ports less than 1024. Other apps without root can perform this task, so I know it possible using another method. Finding a simple solution has been difficult.

Before I am reduced to having the computer name manually typed in, I have one more thing to try. Google released an app that can connect to SMB file shares. The source is available, so I can dig into it, but it will require quite some time to trace and create my own version.

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