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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Mar-06-15 7:33 PM CST

An FYI Post

I'm working on an app for a business, so the investment in learning Android paid off. There's still 2-4 weeks worth of work left to do, so updates will be delayed a bit more.

AC Mini has 2 minor fixes that haven't been uploaded yet.

ArsClip's official release is long over due. The same goes for Rename Master with it's new tag system.

joejoe Feb-04-15 7:19 PM CST

Final Version

Google Play ArsClip Mini

The Google Play official release is available on the Play store. The final version in the Public Beta section is the same, but it's built with the ads already removed. This is a very small "thank you" to the beta testers. I'll very likely continue to offer it for free for all the help creating the app.

These two builds are "signed" differently, so they both cannot be installed on the same device at the same time. Currently, uninstalling ArsClip Mini will also remove all the settings and clips (except for any in-app purchases). This will be changed, likely in version 1.1.

After a month of development time, a smal break seems to be in order.

joejoe Feb-02-15 6:05 PM CST

Future Stuff

ArsClip Mini version 1 is about 99% set in stone. The remaining one percent left will be stuff only for the Google Play store.

There are already other ideas that are planned for a future version.

One idea is an "auto-links" feature. The program would automatically inspect text boxes that report selectable text and look for links in the text. The links would be displayed as a Favorites group.

The main window doesn't currently have much use. Since the popup needs to be streamlined (as per the design rules), the main window could feature some useful but little used features. If limited Macro support is implemented, it would likely be done here.

The other ideas are centered around "Internet stuff" and sharing. Those will require a lot of though and research.

joejoe Jan-29-15 2:07 PM CST

Release Candidate

It's done. ArsClip Mini is now feature complete. Besides doing more torture testing, the changes to ad support still remain. The last decision will be how ads will be shown for the Google Play version.

joejoe Jan-27-15 2:26 PM CST

First Beta

The first beta version of ArsClip Mini has been uploaded. All required functionality has been implemented, but there will be changes.

The current ToDo list includes:
- rework icons
- tweak backgrouns
- think about adding separate landscape layouts
- think about using a single swipe-able header
- create advanced settings page
- test on more virtual devices

joejoe Jan-27-15 12:03 AM CST

Favorites Started

The idea for favorite clips for ArsClip Mini has been implemented. The interface is a bit clunky, but the header for the list does support swipe gestures. The Edit tab had to be re-designed to support moving clips to a favorite group.

The next step is to fix all the bugs with Favorites, add the missing Favorites features, and tweak the interface.

joejoe Jan-22-15 9:47 PM CST

Almost There

The latest prototype (technically an Alpha version) is one step away from being beta. Alpha means that all features are not present and Beta means that all features are present. Usually, the terms are used to describe stability, but the app is currently stable on new versions of Android.

Once the app hits beta, testing on multitple virtual Android devices will begin. Currently, only 2 virtual and 1 real Android device is used for testing. Support for smaller screens will be addressed. Studying common practices like this will take some time.

The last feature is still Favorites. Figuring out how to move clips to the Favorites groups is the big problem. Likely, the Edit tab will be used to select multiple clips and click a Move button. There's not much room left for smaller devices, so this might be an issue. A separate Move/Share tab might, since these tasks are less used. Having it 2 swipes away from the home tab wouldn't be too bad.

joejoe Jan-20-15 9:16 PM CST

More Prototypes, Almost Beta

The program is getting close to beta. The last major remaining task is to implement Permanent Clips Groups and think of a new name, maybe Favorite Groups.

The new "Copy" button will find text in the clicked textbox and copy it to the clipboard. This is the same as a long-click, select all, and copy. The major difference is there's instance feedback, instead of clicking the wrong spot and waiting for nothing to happen.

When the "Edit" or "More" button is pressed, the popup switches to edit mode. By default, you can click several clips and merge them or delete them. Merge combines several clips into one and places them on the clipboard. This will show up as a new clip on the popup as well.

The major design choice will be how to implement Favorite Groups. Swipe could be implemented to change groups. This means there would be no option to implement swipe to delete or swipe to move. Swipe to change content seems the intuitive choice, so it's the likely winner.

Things like "share" and "filter" will be minor tasks. Sending a clip to another application, using the standard "share" type button should be simple. Filtering will do tasks like show clips from a single program (via icons) or find links in the current clips.

joejoe Jan-16-15 11:32 PM CST

An Update for Android

The second test of ArsClip Mini for Android is available. This update includes clipboard history and a functional popup. This has taken a huge amount of hours to develop, but the outcome seems worth it.

The program can't automatically detect text boxes, but can get the name of the controls. This means that a list of controls will have to be created and managed. Apps that use the standard edit control are fully compatible.

ACM can sometimes detect clicks on input boxes in some browsers, but it uses a dirty trick to do so. These controls don't support pasting, but it does show the popup button. The address bars seem to be fully compatible.

features still missing or likely to be researched:
- Edit Clips (and older clips)
- Permanent Groups (and likely a name change)
- support for Androids "Share" feature
- more popup window features
- dynamic popup button, context sensitive
- detect highlighted URLs

To help with the design flow, a set of rules has been created for adding features to ACMini.
1- clipboard HELPER, not copy/paste automation
2- fast, easy, intutive popup
3- minimal options, advanced data editor
4- no-clutter popup button
5- no log ins

The first rule defines what the purpose of the program. Only newer versions of Android support auto-pasting, so a full automation util isn't possible. Creating a custom keyboard just to simulate "CTRL+V" is a bad idea.

The second rule defines the job of the popup. It must make tasks damn easy to perform, and "long presses" are terrible.

The third rule will help keep the program simple, but also keep options from being "hard coded". A database of settings is used for how the program works, so tweaking on-the-fly will be possible.

The forth rule will make sure the popup button doesn't become bloated. Anything added to it must be done so in an intuitive and intelligent way. For example, it might make sense to show a "paste" button also for a few seconds after a popup item was clicked. This will be researched.

The fifth rule is just a repeat of the first rule. There are great options for this already available and being in the "security" business isn't a goal.


Feedback, I'll need it. There is only a small amount of users that read this page and are Android users,

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