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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Nov-24-15 1:35 PM CST

ArsClip Database Size

There's an issue that may start revealing itself in ArsClip for users with large amounts of clips: the database(DB) size. In the last beta, the entire clip table had to be re-created to fix an issue with a few columns. This required creating a new copy of the table and removing the old. This doubles the size of the file, even though most of the space is empty.

In future versions, when the DB is updated like this, the program will automatically run the "compact" command to get rid of all the blank space. Since the DB isn't updated often, the "Edit Clips" tab for databases will also have a place to compact the local DB. This will also help those that use ArsClip on a thumb drive.

joejoe Nov-14-15 2:06 PM CST

Busy, Busy

Last Edit: Nov-23-2015

Lots of things are going on here.

WinColor is a simple tool, so there's not much room for growth. It could add a few features, like savable themes, but this tool needs more feedback before deciding on updates.
NewFileGo does a simple task, but is far from a simple tool. There are a few ideas being worked but only one planned for the next version.

The "Explorer" code option is being updated. In the current version, only shell verbs that appear in the registry are available. In the next version, the program will be able to get a "live" list of verbs to use from Explorer. This will include commands from third party shell tools that appear in the Explorer content menu.

This new code gives me another automation idea, the ability to execute these commands in a command prompt or script. NFG could be altered to also perform this task. It's almost out of the scope of the program, but the code already exists for executing Explorer context menu commands.
ArsClip is now very stable and happy. New features can be worked on again.
ArsClip Mini is on development hold. The user base has stopped growing. While it performs a feature no other clipboard app on Android can do, it's hard to discover on Android. Updating to support cloud sharing with ArsClip for Windows is now very low on the todo-list. Currently, only the clipboard can be shared with Windows and only over a LAN connection.
Rename Master has no current plans for changes. It's still popular, but there's no feedback.

MouseWrangler has no current plans for changes. It's rarely downloaded, so it's likely to be removed from active development to the "More Programs" section.

joejoe Nov-11-15 3:37 PM CST

NewFileGo In-Progress Features

New features are being added for the next Public Beta of NewFileGo.

The program will automatically extract data from the Windows Registry about file types and association. In the above screenshot, Explorer's "verbs" are added to Examples popup menu. These verbs are found on a file's right-click menu in Explorer (eg. open, print).

This means, essentially, that NFG can automate some right-click commands. Not all available verbs are found in the Registry for a file type, since some are generated live by third party DLLs. This is something NFG will not be able to automate.

The button next to the File Type field will retrieve a list of all registered file types from the Registry. Once again, NFG needs to be an expert at this specific task and automate the process as much as possible.

joejoe Nov-09-15 10:28 AM CST

NewFileGo Design and Needs

I've an updated design philosophy that I'm using to implement NewFileGo. It's still close to the previous philosophy, but it's tweaked to fixed some issue.


As said before, the "just add an option" idea is dead. The program should do the intelligent thing automatically, using a configuration option when it's a must, and use a hidden setting otherwise when it's not needed.

As an Example, NFG automatically generates a name for each Action. The UI is very spartan and only show the required settings on the page with optional things hidden in progressive disclosure controls.

Another Example, NFG uses a dropdown/edit control for the file types. The default extensions in the dropdown are defined in the NewFileGo.exe.ini file, so they can be customized by advanced users.


The hard-coded settings idea is dead. These settings will be stored in the INI file, so advanced users can edit them even before a visible option is available. If a setting is deemed important enough, the UI can be updated to make it available for all used.

For NFG, settings are actually stored in a window that may be made available as an "expert settings" page.


To make NFG work for more than just advanced users, it's going to need some built in scripts that will perform a "killer" tasks. A program that can run "any command" is great, but very conceptual. The "examples" button is a good start, but it's not a solution. Ideally, a textbox should be visible only when a "custom command" is used needed.

Robocopy is a great tool for Windows, but the command line is a terrible interface for even advanced users. A GUI like this one makes the program much more usable.
NFG could be an expert at running built in Windows command line tools that work on files. This would include programs like icacls.exe, attr.exe, notepad.exe, and explorer.exe.

joejoe Nov-06-15 3:20 PM CST

NewFileGo Known Issues

- multiple instances can be started [Fixed in Test 2]
- error message sometimes occurs after the edit window [Fixed in Test 4]

joejoe Nov-06-15 10:12 AM CST

NewFileGo Beta

Future plans:
- add more %x meta-variables (eg. file's path, other file attributes)
- more hidden advance settings (eg. wait for no-lock timeout)
- more example commands
- find a better program name than NewFileGo
- are they called 'rules' or 'actions'? are they called 'conditions' or 'triggers'? find better names for the items

How It Works:
NFG watches folders and executes a command when triggered. Each 'Action/Rule' defines a folder to watch and a file type mask. When there's an update to the folder, the program scans the file list for changes and reports files that match.

NFG does some behind the scenes magic to help execute a command on these files safely. First, the program waits for a bit if the file is locked.

Next, the command is inspected to help correctly execute it. When "cmd /c" is detected, the command is run using a hidden command prompt. The program attempts to run the command using the Explorer shell. This means that URLs and files can be executed using an associated program. If this fails, the command is executed using a different method.

Anything you can do with a script or a batch file can be triggered automatically.

Example Cases:
I've a folder that used as a network share open to Everyone. A "copy" and a "move" act differently, where one will inherit the permissions of the folder and one won't. Using NFG, each file can have its permission automatically edited to grant read-only Everyone.

Creating graphics, each program only supports saving files in certain formats. Using NFG, the file can be converted on the fly.

joejoe Oct-07-15 1:14 PM CDT

Major Oops

I forgot to document that macro keystrokes now have a "Repeat" option. Instead of using [LEFT][LEFT][LEFT], the command can be reduced to [LEFT=3]. I don't ever remember which version this was change was made.

I'll be updating the Keystrokes to make this change much more intuitive and discoverable. Something like [KEYNAME REPEAT=1] would be work better.

joejoe Oct-01-15 2:43 PM CDT

Known Issues - ArsClip v5

When UAC is disabled, ArsClip cannot run from the Program Files folder.

There is an issue loading SQLite3.dll on some systems (Fixed in the current beta).

joejoe Aug-19-15 9:41 PM CDT

Known Issues - ArsClip Test

Known issues in Test 21:
- AC fails to create the database on a new installation
- Edit Custom Menu creates two instances of the edit window
- Edit Custom Menu has show a blank clip

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