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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Jan-10-17 1:40 PM CST

Release Plans - ArsClip

My website was moved to a new server a few weeks ago, to fix the downtime issues that were occurring. The server has been very fast and stable, but hasn't had any heavy load. To test this, a new Rename Master version was released this week.

The current plan is to release ArsClip v5.20 officially next week. While no further Release Candidates are expected, this will allow plenty of time for any last-minute fixes. After release, 5 days are going to be reserved for fixing any undiscovered critical issues. Version 5.21 will either be a quick-fix release or a Public Beta with new features, depending.

joejoe Jan-03-17 5:39 PM CST

Feature Freeze - ArsClip

No new features are being added to the current Public Beta version of ArsClip. Only bug fixes will be addressed.

Since quite a bit has changed in the program, the testing period will be for longer than usual. A lot of really old code was refactored, so there are many combinations to test.

joejoe Jan-02-17 2:23 PM CST

Better Script Support - ArsClip

Testing custom Macros and JavaScript is now much easier in the current Public Beta.

Instead of using a separate window for showing the results when executing the Permanent Clip, results are now shown directly in the Edit Clip window. This method is much less distracting and has a better work flow.

When testing a JavaScript clip, the results control is also used to display syntax and runtime errors. ArsClip will also attempt to highlight the line of JavaScript where the error occurred. This automates the debugging process similar to how modern compilers work.

JavaScript support has also been reworked. Some cases were discovered where the script could not communicate with ArsClip. There were also an issue with focus being taken away when the script was run, and this has been fixed. The result of the rework is that executing JavaScript is much more seamless and stable.

joejoe Dec-21-16 1:28 PM CST

RFC - ArsClip

Request For Comments. While the changes for the current ArsClip beta are seemingly small, there are plenty of usability issues that have surfaced. I need more feedback to make sure I don't miss any of them.

For example, the moving of the Filter and the More/Less menu items to the Title Bar makes it harder for keyboard users to discover their shortcut keys. First, these items shortcuts keys have been changed so they are always the same, just like Popup Clips. Changing the Tab key to default to showing shortcut keys is used as a workaround for this issue. AC already uses Alt for another function, so there are issues mimicking how the OS deals with accelerator keys.

Another issue that's surfaced is the width of the Popup. The Caption Bar requires more space than the minimum width of the Popup. The calculations were changed so that the width of the Caption Bar is calculated first, so it can be used in the minimum width routine.

joejoe Dec-15-16 3:04 PM CST

Guts - ArsClip

Some of the code in ArsClip is over 10 years old, and not all of it has aged gracefully. It can take more effort to update code than to rewrite the entire block because it's not structured well. The latest group of changes required some rewrites.

When both a picture and text was detected on the clipboard, only one of the items would be copied depending on a configuration option. When picture clips are enabled, it seems more logical to just copy both so the user can decide which one they wish to paste. While this sounds like an easy change, the Clipboard Monitor is designed to only handle copying a single clip. The copy routine also would only ever choose a single format based on the configuration options. This code has been reworked into something more simple and easier to maintain to support this feature. While updating this code, it was discovered that the drawing routine for picture also had some color issues. This routine was also reworked.

The bad part of rewriting is there are many exceptions to test and it's easy to miss some. I'll probably be working on these issues for the next few days.

joejoe Dec-13-16 4:50 PM CST

Visual Tweaks - ArsClip

Now that the Popup is being updated, it's not a bad time to re-evaluate some of the decisions made for the look. Many of the "eye catching" features of the interface have been muted in the Test 8.

Expandable menus are now more subtle in look. The previous design definitely made the menu distinguished, but also added to the overall clutter. The highlight has received the same treatment. It's now a flat color instead of a gradient with a possible outline.

These changes are similar Windows changes to the UI. I'm not trying to copy the OS, since its look is always a moving target. I am looking at if the change makes sense for ArsCip. For example, using the Segeo UI font made sense. The Popup defaulted to Arial for compatibility with Unicode and WinXP. Now, a new default font is used for Vista and above.

joejoe Dec-11-16 9:48 PM CST

Caption Bar - ArsClip

When ArsClip was first created, Win2K was current operating system and monitor resolutions were low. The Popup was designed to be compact and mimic a Context Menu as much as possible. Much has changed since that time and the Popup's feature set has expanded quite a bit.

The latest new feature found in the current Public Beta is a Caption Bar, aka Title Bar. This location serves two purposed on the Popup; a convenient drag location, and a location for special controls. There's a hidden purpose behind the new Title Bar, removing clutter. When showing all menus, there's a lot to display. Even using expanding menus, there's a bit of information overload. Having some special purpose menus changed to just graphic helps separate them visually and makes them more intuitive to learn.

This feature is also being released a bit earlier than usual. While it's taken two days to get the feature stable and polished enough for a Beta, it's going to take feedback to evolve into a final form. For example, I'm already thinking about moving the System menu button the the left. The buttons also can have shortcut keys assigned to them, but can only be discovered by hovering the item.

joejoe Dec-08-16 2:22 PM CST

Search and Paste - ArsClip

Apparently, this window has been broken for over a year. Since I don't use it, it's not unreasonable to assume that other users don't use it either. The "Filter" option for Clip Sets on the Popup does almost the same job and doesn't require opening a separate Window.

In Test 4 of the Public Beta, the Search and Paste window has been reworked to make it both stable and extremely fast. Searching though thousands of clips takes less than a second. While I've no current plans for adding more functions to this window, it will perform well for those that already use it.


The Filter option is getting a performance boost in the upcoming Test 5. The "Search Removed" option when filtering had the same issue that the Search and Paste window did. It performed poorly for larger sets of clips.

Also, having Alt+Tab work on the pinned Popup is being researched. For keyboard users, there is no method to focus the Popup without mouse clicking it.

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