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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Aug-19-15 9:41 PM CDT

Known Issues - ArsClip Test

Known issues in Test 21:
- AC fails to create the database on a new installation
- Edit Custom Menu creates two instances of the edit window
- Edit Custom Menu has show a blank clip

joejoe Aug-10-15 1:22 PM CDT

ArsClip and the VirtualStore

ArsClip doesn't work well with the VirtualStore, since it's designed to be portable. It writes all of its data to the same folder. so it can be copied or moved without any issue. The Program Files folder is protected by Windows, so it redirects writes elsewhere. Normally, this works the majority on almost all systems. It seems this is becoming more of an issue on Windows 10 systems.

One of the issues is that if AC is run as Admin (and it really should not be), it will actually write to the Program Files location. When run normally, Windows will read these existing files from the Program Files and writes will be redirected to the VirtualStore. This creates a condition where all writes are basically undone on the next run.

To help protect itself, ArsClip will now detect when it is running from the Program Files location and automatically store its data in the current profile. This only works for a new install. Another protection feature being researched is the ability to prevent AC from running as admin. This should prevent the file-limbo issue from occurring but won't help installs that already have this issue.

As per my design philosophy, automatic intelligent choices are better than adding just another feature or option. AC needs to be able to copy all of it's data from the VirtualStore to the current profile. This will fix users that are currently having file-limbo issues and prevent the issue in the future.

joejoe Aug-03-15 11:31 AM CDT

WinColor - Known Issues


- "Program Title Bar" color doesn't work yet. This will require installing a theme.

- "Preview Background" color is replaced by a blue color by Windows if it doesn't like the color chosen. There is no known workaround for this.

- "Start Menu Background" doesn't change on the system after a Refresh. It still requires a Sign Out to refresh the desktop.

joejoe Aug-01-15 1:15 AM CDT

WinColor - A New Beta

The color selection in Win10 stinks. This new utility can change the hidden settings for most of the colors used. This includes the running indicator on the taskbar, the foreground program indicator, the thumbnail preview background, and more.

It's only been tested on Win10, so I've no idea how it will work on Win8. The Titlebar color may not work on certain themes, this also is untested.

joejoe Jul-28-15 5:47 PM CDT

Notes on ArsClip and SQLite

The AC executable contains the "sqlite3.dll" file that it must extract and bind to when run. AC will first look for an existing DLL in the current folder. Then, AC will try to extract the DLL. Lastly, AC will extract the DLL into the Windows Temp folder if all else fails, and it will delete this temporary file when closed. This means the DLL can be downloaded from www.sqlite.org to override the extracted version.

Since AC is designed to be portable, the program automatically handles creating the DLL and will do clean-up if the DLL must be created outside the current folder. This is the first time an outside library is being used in ArsClip. My philosophy is to create everything in-house to keep control of it and to ensure it is update-able. Since SQLite's source is public domain and included by many famous products, I fell confident in relying on its use.

joejoe Jul-26-15 6:31 PM CDT

Android and Windows Clipboard Sharing

This week has been focused on the first steps for Android and Windows data sharing using a shared folder. A Beta version isn't quite ready for either program, since there are still some fine tunings to be done.

ArsClip has some small updates for compatibility. Android's clipboard is very limited, so RichText and HTML clips will also include a plain text version. An issue was discovered using AC in a symbolic linked folder that was also fixed for the folder monitoring features. AC also detects file changes too fast and may try to read a data file before data is written to it. This is also being addressed.

ArsClip Mini has a Connect to Windows settings page. The purpose of this page is to enable clipboard sharing and to define the settings to use for connecting to a Windows network share. AC Mini will automatically test permissions to make sure it can create files in the "clipdatabase/global" folder.

Android doesn't have an automated way to receive folder change notifications over a Windows share. This means that is must use constant polling to check for updates. Since the files used to report new clips are very tiny, less than 40 bytes, constant polling isn't a bandwidth issue.

This does mean that quickly copied items may be missed by AC Mini. The polling time will be editable in the Expert Settings page. Polling also will slow down when an error occurs. So, when the Android device isn't connected to the local network, it will do less work.

joejoe Jul-18-15 12:24 PM CDT

The Database Update - Oops

The library used for database access had to be replaced. The good news is that the new library is several times faster. The bad news is that testing will have to be repeated and the beta period will be extended.

Thanks for all the help. The feedback has been great.

joejoe Jul-17-15 1:04 PM CDT

The Database Update - Finale

The bulk of the work is done for the current Beta or ArsClip. The remaining work left to be done is just polishing and testing.

Notification has been improved. A small tooltip will appear at the top/left of the current program to show information about events. For example, when a Per-Program option is used to override default settings, a visual cue is shown. The cues are designed to let a user know why ArsClip isn't behaving like normal.

If everything is a clip, a single window is used for managing clip history and permanent clips makes the most sense. This removes a lot of clutter and makes things a bit more intuitive. It's now trivial to copy a clip from history and create a permanent clip with it.

The conversion to a real database ultimately serves one purposes: sharing the data. This allows ArsClip to share a clipboard and to be compatible with running ArsClip from a synced or shared location. A future goal is to share data with the Android version of ArsClip.

joejoe Jul-07-15 5:19 PM CDT

The Database Update - Part 6

Though it was dreaded, the Permanent Clips/Macros and Edit History windows no longer makes sense as separate windows. The two have been combined into a single "Edit Clips" window.

This change means a few things. It's a good time to fix the issues with these old windows. Copying clips from another instance will be more intuitive. And, it's also going to delay the next Beta.

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