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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Feb-06-20 2:25 AM EST

ArsClip Beta Plans

No new major features will be added to the current Public Beta of ArsClip. Focus will be place on tweaks and fixes for the new features and existing issues. For example, it was not possible to use the Edit Permanent Clip window to test clips that needed to automate a copy of selected text. Two options were added to make this work; a setting to prevent the preview from auto-clearing, and a shortcut key for executing the current macro.

One update that won't be a program update will be new "Online Code Examples" additions. I'll be using these example to show off the new automation features. Below is a work-in-progress example for pasting selected text into an open or new Notepad instance:

function main(clipboardStr) {

  var currenth = getCurrentWindow();
  var h = findWindowByPartialTitle("- Notepad");
  if (h == 0) {
  } else {

  var h2 = getCurrentWindow();
  if (currenth == h2) {
  } else {
    manuallyExecuteMacro("[PASTEDEFAULT][ENTER REPEAT=1][WAIT=200]");

The current window is remembered and selected text is copied. Notepad is either found or run, Focus is placed on Notepad, the clip is pasted and the Enter key is simulated. Finally, focus is returned to the original window.

Even thought this script is a bit complicated than I'd like for an example, it shows just how flexible the new window manipulation features are. In general, the goal is for most of the new examples to be much simpler.

joejoe Jan-31-20 4:14 PM EST

Solving Issues in ArsClip - Part 4

The latest Public Beta of ArsClip adds a new JavaScript routine for detecting the type of clip on the clipboard. This makes is possible to create Permanent Clips that work differently depending on the clipboard. This adds another tool for copy-paste automation for more flexibility.

This is almost the last of the planned changes for clip format and automation support. There are a few window helper routines that might be added. For example, maximizing/minimizing a window, and getting the title of the current window could help with automation and verification.

As always, thanks to everyone for their continued feedback. Since this is a new type of feature for ArsClip, it requires a lot of guidance.

joejoe Jan-29-20 10:36 PM EST

Solving Issues in ArsClip - Part 3

The current Public Beta upload of ArsClip further addresses issues with working with clip formats and automation. A new "Get Clipboard As" command has been added to the Insert Commands>Popup Clips menu. This will let an AC Macro retrieve Popup Clips from the clipboard, no matter the current Clipboard Monitor settings.

A new window manipulation routine has been added to JavaScript. This routine will search through window titles and return the first window containing a phrase. For example, this can be used to find a focus a Notepad window that has "- Notepad" in the title.

An experimental feature has also been added to the Edit Permanent Clip window. It's a viewer for HTML clips set to "design mode". While you can technically edit the contents in this control, changes will not be saved.

joejoe Jan-28-20 9:06 PM EST

Solving Issues in ArsClip - Part 2


(Show above is the new RichText editor)

The current Public Beta upload of ArsClip focuses on working with formatted text.

The Edit Permanent Clip window has been updated to allow for directly changing text clip formats. This helps when a user is creating a new blank clip. It also makes it easier to discover how Permanent Clips can use formatted text.

RichText clips can be directly edited in a Permanent Clip. While it's still preferable to create formatted text in a full featured text editor, AC can do some minor changes to a Permanent Clip without having to switch between programs.

The Clipboard Bar has been changed to be able to make new Permanent Clips using any detected text format. This works without having to change any Configuration settings for formatted text.

HTML Clips in the Edit Permanent Clip window are still read-only for now. However, a help panel is shown to guide in the creation of HTML Clips. It will show when no HTML Clip content is found on the clipboard and adds a button to create a new clip from the Clipboard. Research is being done on editing these clips directly in the program.

NOTE: The current buttons on the RichTExt editor are just placeholders. New icons will be create for some of these buttons.

joejoe Jan-26-20 12:38 PM EST

Solving Issues in ArsClip

There are currently three issues that will be addressed in the next version of Arsclip (v5.30). The first issue is improving discovering settings in Configuration. The second issue is working with formatted text. The last issue is adding macro and scripting features for more automation.

The current Public Beta of ArsClip introduces a feature for finding text in the Configuration. There are so
many options that finding related settings is difficult. The Find Settings windows will show the location and text excerpt for a word or phrase and automatically changed to that location when a list item is clicked. This feature is released first in a rough but functional form to get feedback for improvements.

Formatted text is confusing for the average user. When a clip is pasted without formatting, it's hard to know why it didn't work. The original program copying the text may not create formatting. AC might not be configured to copy a specific format or the target program may not support the formatting. A way to "inspect" the clipboard is planned as are special macro commands to get the clipboard as a specific format without changing the current configuration.

More automation features are also in the works for the current Public Beta. There are plans to include window manipulation routines, more input features (mouse clicks and prompts), and more JavaScript helper routines.


As always, these changes are because of user feedback. Any issues or ideas you can give are greatly appreciated.

joejoe Nov-18-19 8:50 PM EST

ArsClip Commands and Quotes

It's been an issue for a long time in AC that the Macro Commands in the form of [NAME="X"] didn't have a way to represent a quote(") inside of the quote surrounded string data.

There are two common ways to "escape" a string delimiter character so it is treated as just plain data. The original Unix style is to precede the character with a slash. The Pascal style uses two of the same character. Below are examples of both styles:

x="a \" quote character"
x="a "" quote character"

The current AC Public Beta now uses the Pascal style to escape the quote character. Almost every Command that uses an equals(=) sign has been updated to support quote character escaping. When using the manuallyExecuteMacro("") routine in JavaScript, you'll need to account for using any data that may include a quote character when building the string. Normally, only Clipboard and PopupClip data may have a quote character.

joejoe Sep-28-19 7:18 PM EDT

AC and Clipboard History

The 1809 update of Windows 10 added a "Clipboard History" feature. How will this impact ArsClip?

I think this is a good thing. The "clipboard" part of Windows has always been a poor design that's based on 1970's era computing. It's an invisible concept that gives you no feedback when you copy an item that will be globally available for other programs. Having a built-in clipboard feature in Windows for history at least gives you a visual representation of items that were on the clipboard.

I also think the concept of "clipboard history" will help AC. Most beginning users don't know that Clipboard Managers exist. I've often been told that this is the number one utility that most users never knew they needed. Once a user tries a manager, they usually start to see the possibilities for clipboard automation.

Lastly, I also think the Windows implementation is just bad. It only shows 2 clips at a time and requires you to scroll through the list of clips 2 at a time. It does have "pinned" clips, but that's the most advanced feature Clipboard History has. I'd expect any user with advanced needs will quickly search for something better. AC has over a decade of user feedback for features and MS is slow to update.

joejoe Feb-26-19 3:19 AM EST

ArsClip Updates

You may have noticed that plans changed. The last two official ArsClip releases have been maintenance releases and only a few small new features have been added in the current Public Betas. The truth is I still don't have a desk nor a place to put it. So, the amount of time I'm able to spend programming is limited.

The new features in the Beta have almost all been based on user feedback. I've had much less feature requests as of late, but that may be a good thing. I'm hoping AC now does almost everything a copy-paste tool should.

I had a really neat feature request to preview hex encoded colors directly on the Popup. I'm still undecided if this falls under the goal of copy-paste automation or if it's too niche a feature to add. For features this single purpose, I try to think of a general routine instead that many more people can use. In this case, I couldn't think of any other task where I'd need to display a clip differently based on text content. I also tried to think of cases where I could alter the Tooltip Hint for a clip to show parts in different colors, but was unable.

Feedback on simple tasks are just as important. Another user needed to re-organize multiple Permanent Clips. The order of the groups was also important when switching them on the Popup. The current Public Beta fixed part of the issue by allowing for multi-selecting of Permanent Clips for moving and deleting. Editing groups still needs some design work.

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