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This Month's Donators F. Gerger R. Beausoleil I. Vrancianu S. Baerselman A. Maubach (A. Zanello -- last month's top donator $10.00) ... more PayPal



Donations can be made by directly using Paypal. Donators will be added to the Wall of Donators and have access to previous versions of the programs.

PayPal Donation

Google Ads and donations help keep my site alive!

My programs are freeware. There are no strings attached, no nags, no ads, and no timebombs. Those that enjoy my programs and wish to make a small donation can do so on this website using the Paypay button above. Donations ensure that my programs continue to improve and don't fade away into the void. I've been working on my programs and this site since late 2001 and will continue to do so.

Thanks for helping,

joejoe Nov-28-16 4:27 PM UTC

Older Versions

New and previous Donators have access to the archive of older versions of ArsClip and Rename Master. Send me an email to request a login to be created.

joejoe Dec-01-16 4:53 AM UTC

ArsClip Mini for Android

New and Previous Donators may request a free Google Play code for ArsClip Mini.

EDIT: The current Public Beta down version is the most recent version with no ads. A code is no longer needed.

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