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The Cost

My programs are freeware. There are no strings attached, no nags, no ads, and no timebombs. Those that enjoy my programs and wish to make a small donation can do so on this website via the Donate page. Donations ensure that my programs continue to improve and don't fade away into the void. I've been working on my programs and this site since late 2001 and will continue to do so. Big thanks for all of your support.


My programs are made, fixed, and changed because of user feedback. Don't be afraid to send me a note about a problem, and idea, or just to say hello. The Comment form is at the bottom of every page on this site. I do read my email and I try to answer every one.


(Note: The following paragraph does not apply to EventLog Cop)
My programs don't require any special installations. Just copy the executable to its new home and have fun. Most of the programs also require no special removal either. For StartRight, the "Restore" button must be pressed before removing it from a system, but the other programs can be removed at will. DLLs and such files are not scattered around your system. These programs are written with Delphi and are self contained.

An option setup program is now included with some of my programs, but the main program is still separate. You may install it manually or with the setup program.

Source Code

Most of the programs include the Delphi source code used to create the programs. As listed on each program's page, you can modify and/or distrubute it as long as it is for non-profit use only.


All my programs (except StartRight) are designed to be portable. This means you can copy the programs and data files to another machine and retain all or almost all settings. They also can be run from a flash drive because data is written to the same folder as the application. If you choose to install to the system's Program Files location, Vista and above will virtualize the data files to your profile - making copying difficult.


What is Arsware?
"Arsware is loosely defined as freeware applications, themes, skins, graphics work, code libraries, or anything else written by members of the Arstechnica OpenForum of community that might be interesting for pc enthusiasts everywhere."

This is where most of my freeware programs were created and first published. Sadly, Arsware.org is no longer, and it's rare to find these programs still available.

Who am I?

I'm just another software engineer that's been programing for twenty some odd years. I started programming on a TI994/A, used Apple IIe's and cheezy Macs in school, and graduated to a PC after highschool and have been a PC junky all thru college where I earned my BS in Computer Science (big surprise).


Got an idea for improvement, a bug to report? Just want to say hello? Send me your feedback.
I can be contacted at jackass.joejoe@gmail.com English only please.