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joejoe Jun-25-17 5:52 PM UTC


Some of the information found here is out of date. Newer versions of ArsClip contain help information directly in the program.

joejoe May-03-24 6:33 PM UTC

Missing Clips / Permanent Groups after Update

If you've updated from an old version of AC, you may not see your clips or Permanent Groups. This affects system using a non-English name for the Programs Folder when AC was installed in this folder.


In older versions of AC, installation in the Programs Folder was not correctly detected on non-English versions of Windows. AC would write the data files to the local folder. In this case, Windows would re-direct file writes to the VirtualStore [\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\ArsClip].


- Rename your clipsdatabase folder to clipsdatabase.bak in you profile under AppData\Roaming\ArsClip
- Copy your clipsdatabase fold in you profile under \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\ArsClip
- Paste into this folder into AppData\Roaming\ArsClip


It is highly recommended to use the built-in back in ArsClip to make a ZIP archive of the program and its data. It will handle gathering external data when installed in the Program Files folder.

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