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joejoe Apr-06-12 1:46 PM CDT


ArsClip is designed to save all its data in a single location. This means that its folder can be copied to a thumbdrive or another machine without having to re-install the program. While an optional setup program is included with the program, it is not needed and only serves to help newer users.

NOTE: If you plan on moving the program, do not use the 'Program Files' folder on Vista or above. Windows protects this location using the Virtual Store and will relocate data to into your profile.

joejoe Apr-06-12 1:52 PM CDT

Exporting Permanent Groups

Each Permanent Group folder is self contained and uses the same name as used in the program. For example, ArsClip automatically creates a Permanent Group named 'Default' and stores this data in a folder named 'Default'.

To export a Permanent Group to another machine or another install of ArsClip, simply copy the folder to the new install.

joejoe Apr-06-12 2:01 PM CDT

User Profile

ArsClip can be overridden to use current user's profile to store data, if you start the program using the -data command line switch. This is useful if you wish to use a single install of the program with multiple users.

joejoe Apr-06-12 2:14 PM CDT

Data Locations

textcache\ and iconcache\

These subfolders are used to store the Popup Clips and their associated program icons when exiting the program. In newer versions of ArsClip, the in-memory cache is automatically saved every 15 minutes while running.


This subfolder stores older clips that are removed from the Popup when its cache is full.


This subfolder is a Permanent Group that is automatically created by the program.


This subfolder is a hidden Permanent Group that is automatically created by the program. Example macros are also generated for this group.


This plaintext file is the main configuration file for the program.


This plaintext file stores the Permanent Group used with each program. This is used by the AutoSwitch feature.

noright.ini, disabled.ini, exepaste.ini

These plaintext files store the Per-Program Options. These settings are used to override the system-wide settings for pasting, clipboard monitoring, and using the right-click trigger.

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