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Permanent Clips are custom menu items always shown on the main popup. The most common use of a Permanent Clips is pasting text, but it can also simulate keystrokes, open ArsClip windows, highlight text, execute commands and more. All the tools needed to automate copying and pasting are included, but it can be used to do more than this task.

joejoe Apr-06-12 1:01 PM CDT

Date Formatting

The [DATE="yyyy/mm/dd"] variable uses a formatting string similar to Windows' own regional settings for date formatting. Bellow are the optional formatting strings used to generate the current date and/or time:

y = Year using 2 digits
yy = Year using 2 digits
yyyy = Year using 4 digits
m = Month with no leading 0's
mm = Month using 2 digits
mmm = Month using ShortDayName
mmmm = Month using LongDayName
d = Day with no leading 0's
dd = Day using 2 digits
ddd = Day using ShortDayName
dddd = Day using LongDayName
ddddd = Day using ShortDateFormat
dddddd = Day using LongDateFormat

c = Shortcut for ShortDateFormat and LongTimeFormat
h = Hour with no leading 0's
hh = Hour using 2 digits
n = Minutes without leading 0's
nn = Minutes as 2 digits
s = Seconds with no-leading 0's
ss = Seconds using digits
z = Milliseconds with no-leading 0's
zzz = Milliseconds using 3 digits
t = ShortTimeFormat
tt = LongTimeFormat

am/pm = Uses 12 hours clock for the preceding h or hh
a/p = Uses 12 hours clock for the preceding h or hh
ampm = Uses the 12-hour clock for the preceding h or hh

Quotes or Double Quotes are used as literals.

joejoe Apr-06-12 2:18 PM CDT


ArsClip automatically remembers the last Permanent Group you last used with each program name. The next time you trigger the popup, AutoSwitch change the group for you.

joejoe Apr-06-12 2:48 PM CDT


See this link for information about how Permanent Clips are stored, using Permanent Group folders, and how to move them.

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