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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Jul-10-11 5:05 PM EDT

v1.1.1 - Test 2

[download replaced by official version]

New: Option to detect and split links that may contain unwanted punctuation characters

Fix: Minor visual improvements

joejoe Jul-08-11 4:58 PM EDT

v1.1.1 - Test 1

[download replace by above version]

New: Option to allow additional characters in the URL path
New: Option to add an identifier prefix to clickable links

Fix: Some legal URL path characters were missing
Fix: Updated URL host syntax to allow for leading or following numbers
Fix: Workaround to increase performance in automatic mode

joejoe Jun-29-11 11:12 PM EDT

v1.1.0 - official

[download replace by above version]

Since the Opera site is being very slow to approve extensions right now. I've uploaded the latest version here until it's ready.

New: Automatic mode rewritten to improve positioning and performance
New: Support for links beginning with ftp://
Fix: Improved performance on large pages
Fix: Hash mark symbol added to legal path symbols
Fix: Removed unneeded options

joejoe Apr-26-11 3:41 PM EDT

v1.0.4 - Test 3

[download replace by above version]

New: Option to use clickable links instead of icons

joejoe Apr-15-11 5:37 PM EDT

v1.0.4 - Test 2

[download replace by above version]

New: Option to exclude specific websites from automatic detection
New: Option to scan iframes for automatic detection

Fix: Woraround for cyrillic characters in the path

joejoe Apr-12-11 3:18 PM EDT

v1.0.4 - Test 1

[download replace by above version]

New: Option to disable the popup

Fix: Updated to include "www.example.org" style addresses when missing prefixes is enabled
Fix: links with '~' symbols included
Fix: Small delay added to the popup to fix a display problem when highlighting

joejoe Mar-25-11 4:05 PM EDT

v1.0.2 - Test 6

[download replace by above version]

Fix: Addresses missing "http://" and "://" prefixes now require a "www." prefix for detection

NOTES: The search for address without any prefixes could cause slowdowns when a long stream of text is encountered. Requiring the "www." prefix for this case speeds up searching by an extreme factor.

joejoe Mar-24-11 5:39 PM EDT

v1.0.2 - Test 5

[download replace by above version]

New: Added tooltip to icon links in automatic mode
New: Re-added 'dirty' link detection when 'Next to addresses' option is enabled

Fix: Text boxes were not excluded in automatic mode
Fix: Host names with port number not detected correctly
Fix: Improved detection of missing or incorrect 'http:' prefixes
Fix: Duplicate icons sometimes added when 'Next to addresses' option is enabled

joejoe Mar-23-11 7:26 PM EDT

v1.0.2 - Test 4

[download replace by above version]

New: Auto detection is started sooner
Fix: Rewrote the "next to address" to remove slowdowns and conflicts

joejoe Mar-22-11 4:57 PM EDT

v1.0.2 - Test 3

[download replace by above version]

Fix: Popup sometimes not functional on certain sites (like avclub.com)
Fix: Improved URL detection and reduce conflicts when using "next to addresses" option

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