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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Nov-19-18 8:19 PM UTC

Changes in v1.10 - Test 7

Download acmv110-t7.apk

(Window: Settings)
Fix: issue with dropdown control size

Fix: issue with shared clipboard at startup

joejoe Nov-13-18 7:28 AM UTC

Changes in v1.10 - Test 6

[download replaced by above version]

(Window: Popup)
Fix: app crash when multiple clips selected and delete/merge/move performed

joejoe Nov-12-18 9:40 PM UTC

Changes in v1.10 - Test 5

[download replaced by above version]

Fix: app crash when copying text from apps with a specific theme

joejoe Nov-12-18 5:57 AM UTC

Changes in v1.10 - Test 4

[download replaced by above version]

Fix: app crash on Android 8 after starting service
Fix: app crash on Android systems that use no ActionBars for the current theme

joejoe Sep-04-18 12:31 AM UTC

Changes in v1.10 - Test 3

[download replaced by above version]

Fix: permission issue on newer version of Android causing service not to start

joejoe Jan-05-18 5:00 AM UTC

Changes in v1.10 - Test 2

[download replaced by above version]

(Share Clipboard with Windows)
Fix: crash on newer versions of Android
Fix: possible long pause when selecting a new computer

(Remove Ads)
Fix: crash when clicking on button

NOTE: This debug version does not contain ads, and will not. This specific item will only apply to the Google Play release.

joejoe Oct-20-17 7:58 PM UTC

Changes in v1.10 - Test 1

[download replaced by above version]

New: Popup Button shown when long-click detected
New: Expert Setting "SHOW_NOTIFICATION" added to show a permanent notification to display the popup

NOTES: These two methods are workarounds for displaying the popup button for apps that don't correctly label their editable text controls.

joejoe Sep-20-17 8:32 PM UTC

Changes in v1.09 - Test 5

Download acmv109-t5.apk

Fix: issues with timed clipboard udpates (introduced in previous test)

NOTES: This is the same version as the official release, but with ads removed.

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