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joejoe Jul-30-14 9:37 PM EDT

The Clipboard Bar

The Clipboard Bar is a mouse-friendly clipboard viewer and editor. Below are some examples of the drag support and clipboard editing using the clipboard bar

Dragging text from the bar.

Dragging text to the bar.

Draggin a text file to the bar.

Editing the case of the text on the clibpoard.

Opening the clipboard in an external editor.

joejoe Jul-30-14 10:01 PM EDT

The Popup

Below are some of the more obscure features of the popup.

Moving the Popup using the drag point.

Moving Popup Clips by dragging them.

joejoe Jul-30-14 10:38 PM EDT


ArsClip is a highly configurable copy and paste automation tool.

Changing the color scheme of the Popup.

Executing custom menu macros using the Clip Menu (v4.20).

Using Permanent Clips/Macros to create and test complex clipboard operations.

Performing keystroke simulation with a Permanent Clip/Macro.

joejoe Jul-31-14 3:36 PM EDT

Jump List Support

ArsClip supports both left and right-click actions for Window 7's taskbar pinned programs. The left click action can be configured and the right-click shows the Jump List.

Jump list right click menu.

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