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RSS Zing for Opera (15 and above)

RSS Zing is an extension for the Opera web browser.

RSS Zing is designed to be lightweight, automated, and very simple to use. The extension will scan for new posts on a regular basis. Posts are automatically marked as read when clicked on.

It is a super simple way to recieve notification of new RSS feed posts. The tools button will change to show the count of new posts and will change to show the current page contains or is an RSS feed.

The current official release of RSS Zing can be downloaded directly from the Opera Extension catalog.

My email address and a quick comment form can be found at the bottom of this page (and every page on this web site).

joejoe Jul-28-14 4:38 AM EDT

Status Report

This add-on is no longer in development, due to a lack of interest.

I highly recommend the Smart RSS add-on instead. It does a great job of simulates the RSS client that was part of Opera 12.

Smart RSS

joejoe Jul-23-13 10:47 AM EDT

Version 1.0.1

An update has been queued for submission. It includes the 2 changes shown bellow, plus the scanning speed has been improved and the extension is more stable when errors occur downloading the feed data.

joejoe Jul-18-13 9:19 PM EDT

Status Report

The extension in now on the official Opera catalog (v15 and above). I may also release this extension for Chrome in the future, since Opera extension support is a subset of Chrome.

For the next version, a bug with the unread count is fixed and reading feeds is more stable when connection errors occur. Also, a debug log button has been added to the Advanced Tools page. It will display some information about the scan process and is mostly plain English However, some information is only meaningful to me.

For Opera 12, it already includes an excellent and full featured RSS reader. This extension's functionality is redundant, so it will not be ported to the old version.

Got an idea for improvement, a bug to report? Just want to say hello? Send me your feedback.
I can be contacted at jackass.joejoe@gmail.com English only please.