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joejoe Jun-12-13 4:56 PM EDT


This page is just a place to read about random ideas and possible changes. Currently, only 2 programs are in active development.

Ignore the date in the header on these posts. I'm having to manually add the last edit date in the content of the post.

joejoe Jun-12-13 5:33 PM EDT

Rename Master List

Last Edit: Aug-19-2014



- save a text file of the file changes.

(Split and Move)

- add an Examples dropdown

These examples would show the flexibility of this Renaming Step. Currently, pressing the Auto-Split only performs half of the task. The examples would be templates that would that would work on any file, regardless of the name.

joejoe Jun-12-13 5:53 PM EDT

ArsClip List

Last Edit: Feb-25-2020



- inspect clipboard

Add a way to find out information about the clip on the clipboard, like formats available.


(Extract Text)
- create a tool to extract text from a selected control

This would allow a user to copy text from a window control that normally does not allow copying text

(Clip Menu)
- add Custom Menus command [FROMCLIPBOARD]

Currently, only data can be moved from a popup clip to the clipboard. A new command would allow for "editing" clips using a macro (eg. Trim Clip)(Searching) **re-thinking this*

- update the Search window with more metadata

(Clip Menu)

- add Keystrokes/Clicks option to execute Custom Menus

Advanced users love keystrokes.

(Permanent Clips/Macros)

- autoexecute options

Add options to execute a clip on events, like when a new clip is detected. *Re-thinking this*

- code "insight"

Add a panel to the Edit Permanent Clip window that shows information about the command or routine under the caret

joejoe Jun-12-13 5:53 PM EDT

NewFileGo List

Last Edit: Nov-07-2015


- show main form on startup if no folder monitors exists (done),
show unintrusive splash screen otherwise

- more INI settings


- use Rename Master's right-click menu code to automate more Explorer commands

These commands are not listed in the registry and require querying the Explorer Shell API to find and execute.

joejoe Jun-12-13 6:01 PM EDT

Mouse Wrangler List

Last Edit: Jun-29-2015




- Monitor position sensitive gestures

Swipes at the Top/Bottom/Left/Right the monitor would be context sensitive (or special).

NOTES: There's no feedback on this program. The current tally for downloads is around 18 thousand over 7 years.

joejoe Jun-12-13 6:03 PM EDT

RatTrap List



NOTES: After 6 months of use, my RAT7 mouse stopped tracking and I have no way of truly testing the program. I'll likely move this to the Older Programs page.

joejoe Jun-12-13 6:05 PM EDT


Last Edit: Sep-26-2013


- add a way to temporarily disable for the current page

Instead of disabling for an entire domain, it would be better to be able to refresh the current page without inserted links. Think of an intuitive way to do this.

NOTES: Feedback is still very sparse. There were requests to port the extension to Opera 15, and it has been updated.

joejoe Jul-23-13 10:55 AM EDT

RSS Zing

Last Edit: Aug-08-2013


(Feed Scanning)

- fix available feeds from older pages showing for the current tab


(Feed Scanning)

- add an override for individual feed update timer

- research Atom feeds

Older Items

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