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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Nov-05-09 6:54 PM EST

v1.0.0 - Test 3

Download jldv100-t3.zip

Fix: Host program icons grouped with JumpListDo's taskbar icon
Fix: "Configuration" window always shown until there are no grouped windows and the user manually closes the window

NOTES: When JumpListDo executes the host program (CMD.EXE by default), the taskbar icons are now grouped as if the host window is part of our program - because logically they are related. To do this and show an indicator of the host program's icon, one instance of JumpListDo must remain running. The program will automatically create the first instance window any time the program is run. All other instances of the program will terminate after executing.

Currently, opening the "Configuration" window twice without closing it will cause the program to never exit when the windows are closed. This will be addressed.

joejoe Nov-05-09 3:25 AM EST

v1.0.0 - Test 2

Download jldv100-t2.zip

New: Added "Configure" and "Run" jump list items commands
Fix: A single instance always running is no longer required
Fix: Icon grouping added for each running instance of the host program
Fix: The host icon overlay is only displayed while the host program is running

NOTES: The thumbnail previews shown for the group do not functions. Currently, they are only to show that the program has executed instances of the host and they are still running. This may or may not a function of the final program.

joejoe Nov-02-09 7:04 PM EST

v1.0.0 - Test 1

Download jldv100-t1.zip Requires Windows 7 or above.

This is prototype of the JumpListDo [temporary name].

Only on the initial run, elevated privileges will be requires to register file types. The help screen will be shown describing how to operate the program. UAC will only be actived when an item is explicitly run with elevated privileges.

NOTES: By default, this program is configured to open a command prompt when "JumpListDo" is selected from a folder's right-click. This is defined in the text file JumpListDo.ini and can be configured to open multiple file types. Also, the "host" program can be any program that accepts a filename or folder name on the command prompt .

To configure the program with multiple host programs, a separate copy in a separate folder must be made.

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