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joejoe Mar-04-09 7:21 PM EST

File List shortcuts

The file list accepts many standard keystrokes and mouse clicks that you may already know from Windows Explorer.

CTRL+C - Copies the selected filename to the clipboard
CTRL+A - Selects all files and folders
SHIFT+A - Selects all files only (not folders)
CTRL+D - De-selects all files
F2 - Manually rename file
F5 - Refresh file list

Enter - Changes to selected folder
Backspace - Goes up one folder
ESC - Moves up one folder or stops editing the selected filename
UP arrow - Moves the rename box when editing filename
DOWN arrow - Moves the rename box when editing filename
SHIFT + Click - hilight all files from the focused name to the clicked filename
SHIFT + Right Click - Show the "Right Click" context-menu for the hilighted files
CTRL + Click - Hilights the clicked file
Double-Click file - Shows a floating thumbnail window for the selected file that also contains tag data
Double-Click folder - Changes to the selected folder

joejoe Mar-04-09 7:22 PM EST

File path shortcuts

File path dropdown
ENTER - Make the list drop down and selects folders from the list
ESC - Moves up one folder or closes the dropdown list
Up,Down - Navigates the selection when the drop down is shown

joejoe Mar-04-09 7:24 PM EST

Menu shortcuts

The menu shortcut keystrokes are stored in menu2.ini, a text file. This file lets you customize the default keyboard shortuct for all menu items with a shortcut key defined.

joejoe Dec-09-11 2:57 PM EST

Drag and Drop

The program supports opening files and folders using the context menu, but you can also drag a group of files from Explorer onto the file list. The only limitation is that the files must all reside in the same location.

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