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joejoe Jan-23-08 12:38 AM EST

Selecting Files

There are serveral ways to Check or Uncheck the files you want to include in the renaming operations:

- Click on the Checkbox next to the file name
- Right-Click one or more highlighted files
- Use the Filter option to show only matching files
- Use the multiple Check/Uncheck options under the Edit menu option
- Right-Click on the files in Explorer and use the Optional Right-Click Addon to open those files checked in Rename Master

The File List supports the same highlighting features as Explorer, so Shift+Click and Ctrl+Click work the same for highlighting.

To show the Context Menu (Explorer's Right-Click menu) for a file, hold Shift and Right-Click on a file or a group of highlighted files.

All of the Edit menu options can be executed with the hotkey listed next to the command.

joejoe Jan-23-08 12:44 AM EST

File Order

The order of the files shown can be changed in a few ways. The most common method is to click the Column header to select ascending or desending order for that specific column.

Under the Edit menu, there is a list of Top, Up, Down, Bottom commands that will move one or more highlighted files. The same operations can be done by dragging the highlighted files up or down with the mouse.

Re-ordering files is useful when you are adding a sequential number to the group of files.

joejoe Jan-23-08 12:52 AM EST

Manual Filename Editing

You can press the F2 key to show the renaming box on the selected file. Unlike Explorer, you can use the Up and Down keyboard keys to move the renaming box to other files.

joejoe Jan-23-08 1:42 AM EST

The New Name Column

The New Name Column is used durring a Preview opeartion to show you the final name used durring the Rename Operation. Unlike the other columns, you cannot sort the files by this column.

When the Auto-Preview configuration option is used, the data in this column is updated as you change renaming options.

If there two or more files have the same New Name, the data will be displayed in red (by default) to show there is a collision and the renaming operation will fail. Collisions can be automatically handled with the Add > On Collision renaming option.

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