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joejoe Jan-23-08 12:24 AM EST

Basic Operation

The basic renaming operation is as follow:

Select a folder.
Select the files in the folder to rename.
Set one or more of the Add, Replace, Remove renaming options.
Use the Preview button to verify the new names.
Use the Rename button to rename all selected files.
Optionally use the Undo command if a mistake was made.

joejoe Oct-09-12 7:39 PM EDT

Add, Replace, Remove

Essentially, Rename Master only performs 3 types of operations: Add, Replace, Remove. These simple operations can, however, be combined in many ways and orders to perform very complex renaming tasks.

When first starting to use the program, try to think in terms of Adding, Replacing, or Removing part of the filename. In newer versions of the program, each Renaming Step is color coded so all "Add" steps will be the same color.

The second thing to think of is what part of the filename you wish to change. The Add and Remove steps have many similar steps for changing the Beginning/Ending, a specific Position, or anything Before/After a phrase. For example, if you wish to add a date to the start of a filename, click on the "Add to Beginning/Ending" step.

The last thing to do is experiment. The program is designed to automatically update a preview of the results when settings are changed. It's sometimes easier to change a few settings and see the results than it is to try to understand each operation by reading a description. Each step, however, does include a button to open an in-program help screen.

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