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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Jan-31-07 11:12 PM EST

Test 3

[Download Removed]

EDIT: I've removed the download, since this application is so out of date and will not function on Vista or above.

Fix: Phase1 and Phase2 (moving and running) work normally as restricted user, power user, and admin
Fix: User Profile not loaded for executed programs in Phase2
Fix: Removed new key location under system's Run key
(cause duplicate copies to be run)

Known Problems:

There are still some usability problems with restricted users. When new items appear, the Edit window displayed when clicking the notification system tray icon cannot enable or disable any items and displays a registry access error when trying to close.

Also, there is still no way for a restricted user to enable/disable/or sort his own items.

Current User items are going to be changed in an upcoming test version so that the user can always Edit them.

joejoe Jan-31-07 7:03 PM EST

Test 2 problems

- File Access Denied error [for svc.dat file] for non-admins
(you can give read/write access for a temporary work around)

- Registry key read error on the Run key after all programs executed

joejoe Jan-31-07 4:47 PM EST

Test 2

[download replace by above version]

Fix: Current User items not managed
Fix: Programs correctly executed under current user context

What I need feedback on is what you think a restricted user and power user should be able to do. For example, a restricted user does not have full control of his own Current User items - like would be expected. Also, some items should be per-user configurations. For example, the auto-tune data should be different for each user.

joejoe Jan-31-07 4:53 AM EST

Test 1 Problems

These problems are currently being worked on for the next test release:

- Current User Run key and Startup Folder items are not detected and moved

- Programs are not executed with the current user context

- StartRights Run and Startup items are not protected against Power Users

joejoe Jan-30-07 10:35 PM EST

1.3.5 Test1

[download replace by above version]

New: StartRightService.exe

NOTE: Restore first before installing this version. As always, back up the important stuff - RDilly is just to easy to skip using. Yes, I'm running this version on my own system - but I know the guts of the system and can undo just about anything.


This experimental version is the first major step in restricted user account support (NT/2K/XP). For these OSs, a new service is used to ensure that StartRight can manage the system for Phase 1 and 2 execution independant of the logged in user. All main form entries are run as the current user as expected.

The Install and Restore now run StartRightService.exe with the "/install" and "/uninstall" command line parameters to add the new service to the system.

Known Problems: Once you click Restore, you will be unable to correctly Install until you reboot the system. The service isn't stopped or removed until this time. If you attempt a change before then, a service error message will appear and startright and the service will be out of sync (one will be installed and the other restored).

joejoe Jan-30-07 2:35 PM EST

Next Beta

I'm working on an architecture change for StartRight. This one "little" change is going to make it possible for SR to work completely normal under restricted user accounts [normal meaning Edit the Current User items only]. Currently, StartRight only works normally for Admin accounts and works partially for non-admins. (There's also the RunOnce limitation/problem for non-admin accounts)

Due to the significant changes, I may drop support for Win9X machines. However, if I get enough requests, I'll put in the extra work so that the next version works for Win9X machines. StartRight's purpose is ideal for older machines, but I don't really know how many Win9X users there are left.

joejoe Jan-30-07 2:03 PM EST

Official Release

Version 1.3.4 has officially been released.

joejoe Jan-25-07 2:43 AM EST


I've received no feedback on this test build, but I've been using it myself without problems. Unless someone knows of an issue with it, I'll be releasing it officially soon.

joejoe Jan-19-07 4:54 PM EST

StartRight Test 1

[download replace by official release]

Fix: New Item notification may not be triggered
New: Improved delay timing
New: Abort delay when CPU usage drops low (currently 9%)
New: Regularly updated CPU status on progress window
New: Improved CPU usage sampling

Durring a cold boot, CPU usage is higher. Once booted, if you log in as another user, StartRight now detects the CPU drops and will skip any delays as long as the level drops below the threshold. Also, if the system is left at the logon screen, the CPU usage will also drop significantly.

Disabling AutoTune also disables the delay skipping - explicitly set delays are always honored.

Update: This version works very well on my system. The new improved timing and delay abort really speeds things up.

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