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joejoe Jan-29-07 9:13 PM CST

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Any user without admin logging on will temporarily removed the Phase 1 mover until a user with admin rights logs on again. New items and disabled items will not be managed until an admin logs on.

This is a design limitation. The workaround is dangerous and not recommened - which is to add write permissions to the RunOnce key for non-admin users.

I'm still researching ways to work around this so that StartRight will be truely multi-user friendly. The RunOnce key programs arel execute programs before Explorer runs and does not require a service level program to be installed. A service may be the only workable solution.

joejoe Jan-07-07 12:09 AM CST


- some Run keys not restored durring a Restore operation

Workaround: replace with the 1.3.3 executable before doing a Restore.

joejoe Jun-19-06 7:55 PM CDT


- in some cases, programs will execute under the wrong user account (profile)

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