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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Aug-12-14 3:45 PM EDT

v3.12 - Test 3

[download replaced by above version]

- added right-click support for folder crumbs

Fix:(File List)
- "View Tags" clickable link show when a file with tags is selected
- reworked right-click menu
- issue when showing Explorer context menus

Fix:(Renaming Script)
- removed formatting from fields that support wildcards
- made it easier to click near and between variables
- improved XMP tag lookup speed
- support for formating UTC date file tags

joejoe Aug-10-14 12:43 AM EDT

v3.12 - Test 2

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Renaming Script)
- meta-variables easier to read
- meta-variables show description when hovered
- textboxes grow for longer text

joejoe Aug-07-14 8:30 PM EDT

v3.12 - Test 1

[download replaced by above version]

- automatic reselecting of files slow after a recursive scan

Fix:(Renaming Script)
- more progress displayed during a long rename
- minor optimizations

NOTES: The only remaining slow downs are from Windows itself. When renaming many files, the system will slow down after a few thousand. This is still under investigation.

joejoe Aug-04-14 5:44 PM EDT

v3.10 - Test 6

[download replaced by above version]

- issue adding/removing custom columns
- improved performance for lists with thousands of files
- improved visuals when filter set

joejoe Jul-31-14 2:36 AM EDT

Test 5

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Help Menu)
- added Command Line Parameters item

Fix:(Renaming Script)
- visual issue after moving steps

Fix:(Format Variable)
- issue loading existing formatting settings

- command line issue

joejoe Jul-21-14 2:22 PM EDT

v3.10 - Test 4

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Renaming Script)
- improved script loading speed
- improved display speed

joejoe Jul-20-14 5:11 PM EDT

v3.10 - Test 3

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Edit Menu)
- added 'Check using files on Clipboard' item

Fix:(Command line)
- issue using 'Send To' when program is already open

NOTES: The new Edit Menu item is a better alternative to using 'Send To'. It's not limited in size.

joejoe May-26-14 3:54 PM EDT

v3.10 - Test 2

[download replaced by above version]

- Reset Counter issue

joejoe Feb-15-14 6:56 PM EST

v3.10 - Test 1

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Scripting Tab)
- display issue

- improved EXIF support

NOTES: Added workarounds for a newer device that generates strange EXIF data.

joejoe Sep-24-13 4:44 PM EDT

v3.9 - Test 5

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Command Line)
- script execution broke, again


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