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joejoe Apr-28-20 8:23 PM EDT

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.31 of ArsClip has been officially released. While there are no new features (save one) in this release, several bugs have been addressed. A lot of work has been done to find and fix several small memory and graphics leaks. After a long period of running and showing the Popup, the program could seemingly "freeze" the desktop until the process is terminated. Dozens of minor issues have also been addressed in many parts of the program.

New "Online Code Examples" have been added to the Edit Permanent Clips window. This is technically the only new feature. These new scripts show how to use the new JavaScript window manipulation routines to do complex copy-and-paste automation routines with just a few lines of code. Based on your feedback of this feature, I plan to add new example scripts. The next script added will be a "virtual text clipboard" that can be used with global hotkeys.

joejoe Feb-27-20 2:39 PM EST

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.30 of ArsClip has been officially released. There are three issues addressed in this verison. The first issue is discovering settings in Configuration. The second issue is working with formatted text. The last issue is adding macro and scripting features for more automation.

There's a new "Search" button added to the Configuration menu. Since settings for an item (eg. Pinned Clips) can be found in multiple places, the new search feature helps discover other related settings. A few of the descriptions have also been changed to contain explicit keywords so items are not missed in a search.

Working with formatted text clips in Windows is difficult. There's no built-in way to see what formats are currently on the clipboard of which formats a target program supports. When pasted text fails to paste, it's hard to know why it failed. ArsClip already adds clip-type indicators for RichText and HTML Clips on the Popup and on the Clipboard Bar. AC, however, is designed to extract a single preferred format (using Configuration settings).

This version of ArsClip adds more utilities for working with formatted text. The Clipboard Bar can now make Permanent Clips using any found formats, not just the first found preferred format. Several Permanent Clip/Macro routines have been added for extracting formats from the Clipboard and detecting clips on the format. So, a Permanent Clip can copy clip formats independent of the Configuration settings. The Edit Permanent Clip window has also been updated to make working with clip formats easier. A new internal RichText editor has also been added to this window.

Many more routines have been added to Permanent Clips/Macros to increase copy and paste automation. ArsClip now includes more Mouse and Window manipulation routines for JavaScript. These include routines for finding the current focused window or a window by its title. These windows can be forced into the foreground or minimized/maximized. Both Popup and Pinned Clips can be fully iterated in JavaScript for string searching an manipulation. New PROMPT commands have been added for selecting from a predefined list and for repasting the results of an earlier prompt. A new Popup Clips command for adding the clipboard as a specific format has been added.

joejoe Jan-24-20 3:25 PM EST

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.29 of ArsClip has been officially released. This is mainly a maintenance release focusing on Permanent Clips/Macros. The biggest change was an update to support literal quotes in Commands that have text as options.

joejoe Jul-15-19 3:53 PM EDT

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.28 of ArsClip has been officially released. Permanent Clips have been updated to support group editing, for easier moving, sorting, and deleting. Two new Macro commands have been added to paste pinned clips and to load files content directly into the clipboard. Many small quality-of-life updates have been added throughout the program, as well as many fixes.

joejoe May-21-19 7:34 PM EDT

Another Move

My website has been moved to another server from the same provider. Everything appears to be working fine. If you see any issues on the site, please let me know at the email address at the bottom of this page.

If you previously saw an "account suspended" message trying to access this site, this is normal. It just means your computer was still trying to access the old IP Address of the server. Once your DNS cache is update, you'll see this site instead.

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