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Get your own personalized tools

Need a tool that you can't find anywhere else? I'm an expert and creating programs that specialize in automating tasks and adding functionality to existing programs. Command-line and GUI executables can be created to your specifications.

If you've a need for a custom app, send an e-mail using clickable address at the bottom of this page.

Below are the current services offered.

joejoe Oct-29-15 10:59 AM EDT

Windows Utility Development

Free consultation, no risk

There are no fees to ask questions about creating a custom program for your needs. A minimum 1 dollar (US) fee may be required if further detailed consultation is required. Detailed consultation includes things like creating mock-up interfaces, sketches, research, and so on.


Starting at a 20 dollar (US) flat fee. Pricing is available for both full-source-code and executable-only.

Fully documented feature set

The program's features will be explicitly documented and agreed upon. Features are categorized as "Must Have", "Could Use", and "Would Be Nice". "Must Have" features will always be present in the program.

Technical Details

The applications are developed with Delphi XE2 to create stand-alone executables. No special process is required to install dependencies.

Guru.com support

This service can be used, if requested, for handing the process. The site is like e-bay for buying developers.

joejoe Oct-29-15 4:38 PM EDT

Android Development

Not yet available. Send an e-mail if you'd like to be notified when this service begins.

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I can be contacted at jackass.joejoe@gmail.com English only please.