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joejoe Dec-09-11 3:05 PM EST

The File List

There are a few ways to customize the view of the file list. The View menu is used for a majority of these methods. You can choose to show folders instead of file, or also show folders and files. You, also, can choose which columns are shown, add new custom columns, or choose how wide the columns are shown.

See below for how to alter the types of files shown using The Filter Dropdown.

joejoe Mar-09-10 10:11 PM EST

Shortcut Keystrokes

Each item in the File menu has a shortcut keystroke. The menu2.ini text file contains the keystrokes used for each menu item. Below is a small section of the file:


The text before the equal sign cannot be edited and still work. The text after the equal sign is the keystroke used to execute each menu item and this is editable. The plus sign is used to create a keystroke combination. It is not recommended to use the Alt key as part of a keystroke since it will likely already be used by the File menu. Below is a list of common keys used for keystrokes:

A through Z
0 though 9
F1 through F12

Be aware that some keystrokes are also already in-use by buttons directly on the Menu, like the Ctrl+F6 keystroke is used to execute Rename

joejoe Mar-09-10 10:02 PM EST

The Insert-Metavariable List

The insert2.ini text file contains the categories and lists of meta-variables that can be inserted directly into the textboxes in each Step on the Scripting tab. Below is a small sample of the contents of the file:

Total Files=?c?
Selected Files=?sc?
Total Files in Current Folder=?fc?
File00 - padded with 2 zeros=File?n02?
File0000 - padded with 4 zeros=File?n04?
(01/30) - current and total files=(?n02?/?fc?)

The first line of text [Renumbering] is the name of the category shown directly on the popup. Each line under is added as a submenu of Renumbering. The text before the equal sign is what's shown as on the submenu and the text after is what is actually pasted into the textbox.

The "-=" text is used to insert a divider line between submenu items.

joejoe Mar-09-10 9:52 PM EST

The Filter Dropdown

The filter.ini text file contains the list of filename filters used in the dropdown button next to the Filter textbox. By default, the file contains the following:

JPEGs: (*.jp*g)=*.jp*g
MP3's: (*.mp3)=*.mp3
Text: (*.txt)=*.txt

The part before the equal sign is the text shown on the dropdown list and the part after the equal sign is the text used for the filter. These use command prompt style wildcards for filenames, so * and ? are available.

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