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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Dec-29-16 1:56 PM CST

v3.13 - Test 6

[download replaced by official version]

(Advanced Insert)
Fix: File Content metavariable off by one

Fix: "access violation" message in status bar when focus lost

joejoe Dec-18-16 8:07 PM CST

v3.13 - Test 5

[download replaced by above version]

(Breadcrumb Address Bar)
Fix: issues when hiding the dropdown list
Fix: issue when application losses focus

joejoe Sep-15-16 10:45 AM CDT

v3.13 - Test 4

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Renaming Script)
- enabled steps may be disabled when loading in the default script

joejoe Dec-23-15 2:29 PM CST

v3.13 - Test 3

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Renaming Script)
- added Keep Expanded option to the step's right-click menu
- Keep Expanded setting is saved in the script

Fix:(Renaming Script)
- Replace Number sequence number not using Counting tab settings

joejoe Aug-13-15 10:34 AM CDT

v3.13 - Test 2

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(File List)
- issue with sorting during a Subfolder Scane

joejoe Aug-10-15 12:49 PM CDT

v3.13 - Test 1

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Renaming Script)
- formatting issue loading a script with two of the same metavariable

joejoe Apr-02-15 8:47 PM CDT

v3.12 - Test 8

[download replaced by official version]

Fix: added Unicode support for textfile renaming

joejoe Nov-03-14 3:30 PM CST

v3.12 - Test 7

[download replaced by above version]

Fix: Filter not saved in scripts

joejoe Aug-19-14 12:40 PM CDT

v3.12 - Test 6

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Remove Before/After)
- new dropdown options

Fix:(Split and Move)
- improved extension detection
- added default settings

joejoe Aug-15-14 12:16 PM CDT

v3.12 - Test 5

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Renaming Script)
- various tweaks for variables
- issue with 'Only on Collision' setting

Fix:(Insert/Format Variables Window)
- more visual tweaks

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