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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Jun-29-15 3:53 PM CDT

Changes in v4.22 - Test 5

Download acv422-t5.zip

- date format issue with some regions

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- local folders are no longer used

joejoe Jun-29-15 11:02 AM CDT

Changes in v4.22 - Test 4

[download replaced by above version]

- issue with database date format an local system date
- issue with importing Removed Clips when the amount of clips is more than the current configuration setting

Fix:(Edit History)
- empty Removed Clips showing up at the end of the list

joejoe Jun-28-15 9:51 PM CDT

Changes in v4.22 - Test 3

[download replaced by above version]

- database upgrade routine wasn't setting the version correctly

NOTES: The "clipdatabase\clips.dat" file must be deleted before running. This will cause the program to re-import data into a known state.

joejoe Jun-28-15 1:31 PM CDT

Changes in v4.22 - Test 2

[download replaced by above version]

- numerous bug fixes

- Permanent Clips are now imported into the database
- single clips can be deleted from removed clips

joejoe Jun-26-15 9:37 PM CDT

Changes in v4.22 - Test 1

[download replaced by above version]

- rewritten Popup and Removed clip storage

NOTES: The program will automatically imports the above clips into a single database file. The old data should be preserved for downgrading. Each install will have its own Popup Clips (and Pinned Clips) list, but Removed Clips is shared.

Permanent Clips/Macros storage has not changed in this test version.

joejoe Dec-30-14 2:09 PM CST

Changes in v4.21 - Test 3

[download replaced by official version]

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- Clipboard ignored after using [MIMIC] command

joejoe Oct-01-14 4:22 PM CDT

Changes in v4.21 - Test 2

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Edit Clip)
- issue with trailing newline character

- experimental fix for multi-monitor issue

joejoe Aug-22-14 3:17 PM CDT

Changes in v4.21 - Test 1

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Search and Paste)
- deadlock when pasting a Removed clip

joejoe Aug-05-14 4:12 PM CDT

Changes in v4.20 - Test 14

[download replaced by official version]

- focus issues pasting after using [RUN]
- RUN now executes "cmd" commands hidden, unless '/k" switch is used

NOTES: The program auto-magically detects when the command prompt is being used to execute a command. The prompt is hidden (by default) and focus is returned to the target program when pasting.

joejoe Aug-02-14 6:03 PM CDT

Changes in v4.20 - Test 13

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Debug Log)
- terrible performance

joejoe Aug-01-14 3:16 PM CDT

Changes in v4.20 - Test 12

[download replaced by above version]

- updated Custom Menu with more examples

- reworked the debug window
- old debug logs preserved

- issue with Clipboard State command

NOTE: [Configuration>Clipboard Monitoring ... Troubleshooting] is the location of the debug window button.

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