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Use with caution.
These public beta programs contain new fixes and new features that haven't been fully tested. I need you to tell me if you find any problems with these program or even if the changes listed work as you expect.

joejoe Feb-21-09 7:49 PM EST

v1.0.0 - Test 7

Download mwv100-t7.zip

Fix: Pause Time slider wasn't working
Fix: Mouse movement detection made more resolution independant
Fix: Changed "Time" to "Speed" in a gesture configuration option

Notes: Very slow mouse movements wouldn't trigger a direction, even when the movements were smooth. The resolution changes help detect slower movements. Even with the "Speed required" set to the slowest, there's still a bit of acceleration required to trigger a direction.

joejoe Feb-20-09 7:43 PM EST

v1.0.0 - Test 6

Download mwv100-t6.zip

Fix: Minor changes to direction tooltip's position
Fix: Improved gesture recognition
Fix: Minor tweaks to Edit windows

New: Archive the new optional setup.exe program
New: Program runs as a system tray icon
New: Configuration window

NOTES: The new Configuration screen has some new advanced settings for tweaking gestures. These should be used only if gestures aren't working well. For most of the settings, increasing to "Longer" means less false detections but requires longer and faster movements. Most problems can be solved by only changing the "Minimum length" setting.

joejoe Feb-20-09 1:24 PM EST

v1.0.0 - Test 5

Download mwv100-t5.zip

Fix: Rights clicks were sometimes not detected after the pause popup was shown

New: Added option for pressing TAB on the Keystroke page
New: Image shown instead of text when a direction is detected
New: Added some examples to insert for the Keystroke and Multiple Keystroke edit screens

joejoe Feb-19-09 6:07 PM EST

v1.0.0 - Test 4

Download mwv100-t4.zip

Fix: Other program popup detection and closing improved
Fix: Gesture detection bugs removed
Fix; Update Keystroke form to not require keys to be held down

New: "Multiple Keystrokes" action type added
New: Tooltips show detected mouse directions
New: A popup is shown with matching gestures when you pause while creating a gesture

NOTES: I've removed the "Alpha" qualifier, since this is now a beta. All initial functionality has been addded but not fully tested.

The new tooltips let you know that the program is successfully detecting your direction changes and gives you direct feedback without being too intrusive.

joejoe Feb-18-09 11:21 PM EST

v1.0.0 - Alpha Test 3

Download mwv100-t3.zip

Fix: Delete menu item works
Fix: Keystroke triggers now functions


The program is now mostly functional. I do plan on adding a second Gesture type that will trigger a list of keystrokes instead of a single keystroke. This will also allow for keystrokes like ALT+ SPACE then M (which will minimize most windows) or ALT+F then S (which will save in most windows). All gestures are currently global, but per-program gestures will also be added in the future.

When performing a gesture in a text area, a popup menu can appear when the right button is released. The program attempts to close the popup, but this sometimes fails.

In a future version, an Escape keypress may be simulated to close the popup or a system wide hook may be used to capture a right-click if a gesture is used.

joejoe Feb-18-09 5:30 PM EST

v1.0.0 - Alpha Test 2

Download mwv100-t2.zip

New: Main form created to add and edit gestures and keystrokes
New: Right-click menu to manage each gesture

NOTES: This version will let you define gestures, but only a display message is shown when the gesture is triggered. Also, the "Delete" right-click option does not currently function.

joejoe Feb-18-09 12:39 AM EST

v1.0.0 - Test 1 Alpha

Download mwv100-t1.zip

Notes: This is an new Alpha program. Unlike a beta, it's not finished, it doesn't have a real interface, and it only displays out mostly unintelligible data.

So, what's the purpose? This program will detect Up, Down, Left, and Right mouse movement when the mouse's right button is held down. When the right button is released, the program will show the detected directions using the messages "Direction Up/Down/Left/Right".

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