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joejoe Dec-16-18 3:21 PM EST

Rename Master Official Release

Version 3.14 or Rename Master has been officially released. This is a maintenance release that fixes some minor bugs and one important issue. There was an issue during the rename process where specific system reported errors were not correctly detected. The error detection routine for renamed has been improved to fix this issue.

joejoe Jul-02-18 3:14 PM EDT

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.27 of ArsClip has been officially released. This is another maintenance release addressing issues reported by users. Most notably, setting and clearing Global Hotkeys were not working correctly.

joejoe Mar-07-18 1:09 PM EST

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.26 of ArsClip is officially released. This is a small update to fix some minor bugs; no new features.

joejoe Jan-01-18 3:09 AM EST

2017 Thanks

Thanks to all those that donated and sent feeback to me in 2017. It was a tough year being flooded out of my home, but I'm glad I was able to continue to work on my freeware to keep my mind occupied. My goals for January are to update ArsClip Mini now that I have a newer Android device to test on. ArsClip on Windows will receive a bug fix patch as well and my goal is to further improve the Edit Clip window after that.

joejoe Dec-13-17 1:56 PM EST

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.25 of ArsClip is officially released. This version major changes are all for one window, the Edit Permanent Clip window. It has been reworked to better support creating new macros.


Help references are now integrated into this window. For example, a new Online Code Examples section is available to show off how certain tasks can be performed. In previous versions, examples were hard coded into the program an could only be updated by installing a newer version of the program. A separate list of examples is used for both Permanent Clips for the Popup and Custom Menus for the Clip Menu.

I'll be coding new Online Code Examples based on your ideas and requests.

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