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joejoe May-17-17 8:23 PM CDT

ArsClip Official Release

The v5.21 official release of ArsClip addresses issue introduced in v5.20 and some long-standing issues.

The drawing, positioning, and interaction code of the Popup haves been reworked. The code for this part of the program has grown large and needed better designs to be maintainable. This rework also also allows the Clip Menu to use most of the same code as the Popup window.

Warning dialogs were added a very long time ago for exceptions when trying to show the Popup. They interrupted the flow of the normal operation and weren't read most of the time. Now that the Popup has a Title Bar, it can be used to show more information - like exceptions.

Another issue that's been addressed is compatibility for the new clipboard item event. ArsClip has a setting in the arsclip.ini file that works around programs like Excel that hold the clipboard open for a long periods of time or open the clipboard even when no user interaction is performed. AC detects this condition and will re-try for a set period of time and a pre-capture delay will automatically be tuned for each individual program.

Lastly, the internal JavaScript engine in ArsClip has been replaced. The new engine connects to JScript directly without using the command shell and also add its own objects to the language. This allows for simple two-way communication between ArsClip and the script.

joejoe Jan-16-17 11:06 AM CST

ArsClip Official Release

ArsClip v5.20 has officially been released. There are some significant changes in this version.

The layout of the Popup has been redesigned. A new Title Bar has been added for a place to hold menu items that aren't paste related. For example, the Filter and System items fit well here. This bar also serves as an easy to use dragging location.

The visuals of the Popup has received some small but significant tweaks. Changes to the graphics give it a much cleaner look. Special menu items and the highlight use a simpler style, to destract less for the contents. On Vista and above, the system's font is used by default. On WinXP, using by default Arial was a workaround for poor Unicode support by other fonts.

The Popup also has some updated and new functions. A new "Pin to Deskop" mode has been added to the Title Bar. This mode is an easier way to keep the popup open for an extended time. The Filter function is now much faster and can handle searching thousands of clips. All results are now grouped using sets, so the Popup can easily display several hundred clips.

Creating Permanent Clips and Macros is now easier to do. Results are now shown in the same window, a much more intuitive process. This location is also used to quickly show syntax and runtime errors when using JavaScript. When possible, the error location is also highlighted in the code. This makes debugging a much simpler task. JavaScript support has also been updated to be faster and much more stable. The in-program documentation has been update to describe more details for JavaScript support.

joejoe Jan-11-17 1:10 PM CST

NewFileGo Official Release

Version 1.02 of NewFileGo has been officially released. This update is mostly a maintenance build that fixes some important stability issues.

joejoe Jan-09-17 9:14 PM CST

Rename Master Official Release

Version 3.13 of Rename Master has been released.

This is primarily a maintenance build with minor fixes and an important fix for a crash in Windows 10 when using the Breadcrumb Address Bar. A new "Keep Expanded" option is available for Renaming Script options that are frequently edited.

joejoe Dec-02-16 1:46 PM CST

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.10 of ArsClip has been released. This update includes several important bug fixes and more in-program documentation.

The Configuration window now includes a Help section that is displayed by default. This section provides two functions. First, it guides a new user to the most important setting - how to display the popup. Second, it documents some advanced settings, for example settings that are only accessible directly in the configuration file.

The Edit Clips/Macros help window has been update with more information. It now describes how Shared Permanent Groups function and how to set up ArsClip itself to be shared. The Date command formatting string now has a reference. JavaScript support is now explained and the parts of the "main" function are explained. How ArsClip macros interact with external programs is also included.

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