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joejoe Nov-06-16 1:23 AM CDT


Some work is being done behind the scenes on the website. Old code is getting updated for future compatibility. For most users, the changes will not be noticeable. A few may see some intermittent errors as parts are updated and fixed.

For the technical details, some deprecated PHP routines are being replaced with the newer equivalent functions.

joejoe Sep-15-16 10:19 AM CDT


The site was down today, due to a migration behind the scene. My web host moved my site to a new server and normally the move would be invisible. However, the new MySQL required a manual change to get things working.

Everything should now be working as normal, but if you run into any issues, please let me know.

Thanks, JJJ.

joejoe Jul-26-16 12:33 PM CDT

ArsClip Official Release

A new version of Arsclip v5.09 is now available. The changes include the most requested feature and an important bug fix.

The new feature is a simple one: shared Permanent Groups. The move to a standard SQLite database has its limitations. The database is designed for a single instance, so sharing data between multiple instances of ArsClip required some detailed design. The change allows a Permanent Group to be changed to "shared". When shared, changing a clip on one instance will change the clip on all instances. It is also designed to be compatible with network shares as well as cloud syncing. Offline instances will automatically import the new data when first run and online instances will import when a change is detected.

The important bug fixed was caused by using the "Move" feature in Permanent Clips/Macros. A typo introduced a bug into v5.08 that cause the database to store the incorrect sort order for clips after a clip was moved. The result was the program reporting a clip cannot be loaded and would terminate to protect data. The fix corrects the issue with "Move" and also will correct the database so the program loads normally.

joejoe May-05-16 10:12 AM CDT

ArsClip Update

Version 5.08 of ArsClip has been released. This release is mostly for maintenance, and highly recommended, but a few new features have been added.

JavaScript support has been added. This gives advanced users a tool to create very flexible Permanent Clips. A script that extracts URLs from the clipboard has been added as an example in the Permanent Clips/Macros edit window. ArsClips own macro language can be used inside the JavaScript, using a predefined function.

Two new commands have been added to Permanent Clips/Macros. The SAVECLIPBOARD command manually adds the current clipboard (as text) to the Popup List. By default, changes made to the clipboard while executing a macro are not placed on the Popup List. This command is gives a way to change that. The NEWCLIP is a helper for saving a string to the Popup List from JavaScript. The helper function "saveToPopupClips" is a JavaScript wrapper for this macro command.

joejoe Apr-18-16 11:47 PM CDT

Active Development

A quick note: The programs directly on the left-hand navigation are in active development. The applications listed under "More Programs" are no longer under development, but are still available for download.

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