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joejoe Dec-11-17 1:21 AM EST

Fun Stats 2017

This year on joejoesoft.com ...

150,000+ thousand pages were served
77% of visitors were from outside of the United States
53% of visitors used Chrome as their browser

74,817 downloads of ArsClip (including Beta versions)
129,930 downloads of Rename Master (including Beta Versions)
14 to 22 GB of data was downloaded each month

joejoe Sep-20-17 4:46 PM EDT

ArsClip Releases

ArsClip v5.24 and ArsClip Mini v1.09 have been officially released.

ArsClip's update is a maintenance release. This fixes some issues not discovered in v5.23's release.

ArsClip Mini was updated to make setting up clipboard sharing with Windows much easier. Also, issues reading from network share on Windows 10 have been worked around. AC Mini will automatically update on Android in a few hours.

joejoe Sep-15-17 5:12 PM EDT


Normal development of the programs will begin again soon. Once I get a replacement mouse and keyboard for the tower, I'll be able start work. The tower itself received no damage, but the monitor and input devices were trashed by the flood.

joejoe Aug-28-17 1:09 PM EDT


I won't be able to respond to emails in a timely manner for a while. We are flooded out of our home, but we are dry and safe now.

joejoe May-17-17 9:23 PM EDT

ArsClip Official Release

The v5.21 official release of ArsClip addresses issue introduced in v5.20 and some long-standing issues.

The drawing, positioning, and interaction code of the Popup haves been reworked. The code for this part of the program has grown large and needed better designs to be maintainable. This rework also also allows the Clip Menu to use most of the same code as the Popup window.

Warning dialogs were added a very long time ago for exceptions when trying to show the Popup. They interrupted the flow of the normal operation and weren't read most of the time. Now that the Popup has a Title Bar, it can be used to show more information - like exceptions.

Another issue that's been addressed is compatibility for the new clipboard item event. ArsClip has a setting in the arsclip.ini file that works around programs like Excel that hold the clipboard open for a long periods of time or open the clipboard even when no user interaction is performed. AC detects this condition and will re-try for a set period of time and a pre-capture delay will automatically be tuned for each individual program.

Lastly, the internal JavaScript engine in ArsClip has been replaced. The new engine connects to JScript directly without using the command shell and also add its own objects to the language. This allows for simple two-way communication between ArsClip and the script.

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