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joejoe Jul-26-16 12:33 PM CDT

ArsClip Official Release

A new version of Arsclip v5.09 is now available. The changes include the most requested feature and an important bug fix.

The new feature is a simple one: shared Permanent Groups. The move to a standard SQLite database has its limitations. The database is designed for a single instance, so sharing data between multiple instances of ArsClip required some detailed design. The change allows a Permanent Group to be changed to "shared". When shared, changing a clip on one instance will change the clip on all instances. It is also designed to be compatible with network shares as well as cloud syncing. Offline instances will automatically import the new data when first run and online instances will import when a change is detected.

The important bug fixed was caused by using the "Move" feature in Permanent Clips/Macros. A typo introduced a bug into v5.08 that cause the database to store the incorrect sort order for clips after a clip was moved. The result was the program reporting a clip cannot be loaded and would terminate to protect data. The fix corrects the issue with "Move" and also will correct the database so the program loads normally.

joejoe May-05-16 10:12 AM CDT

ArsClip Update

Version 5.08 of ArsClip has been released. This release is mostly for maintenance, and highly recommended, but a few new features have been added.

JavaScript support has been added. This gives advanced users a tool to create very flexible Permanent Clips. A script that extracts URLs from the clipboard has been added as an example in the Permanent Clips/Macros edit window. ArsClips own macro language can be used inside the JavaScript, using a predefined function.

Two new commands have been added to Permanent Clips/Macros. The SAVECLIPBOARD command manually adds the current clipboard (as text) to the Popup List. By default, changes made to the clipboard while executing a macro are not placed on the Popup List. This command is gives a way to change that. The NEWCLIP is a helper for saving a string to the Popup List from JavaScript. The helper function "saveToPopupClips" is a JavaScript wrapper for this macro command.

joejoe Apr-18-16 11:47 PM CDT

Active Development

A quick note: The programs directly on the left-hand navigation are in active development. The applications listed under "More Programs" are no longer under development, but are still available for download.

joejoe Dec-17-15 12:03 PM CST

ArsClip Official Release


Version 5.07 of ArsClip has been released. It's only been a month since the last release, but a lot has changed.

Form Mode Improved

Form Mode is a great tool for inputing several Popup Clip items into a program or web page. Instead of copying and pasting several times switching between to location, all copies can be performed at once and then pasted using the Popup in this "stay open" mode.

The menu items, under the Pasting Tools menu, only supported a hardcoded "Tab" menu item for navigating controls. Now, a new Permanent Group has been created, "_Form Mode", to add any type of Permanent Clip to help with the data input. For example, a comma and a space can be inserted to combine two entries for an address field.

Edit Clips: update and new items

The History and Databases tabs have been updated. The history tab now shows the configured sizes for both Popup and Removed Clips, and has a clickable link to these options in the Configuration window. The databases tab now show the size of the current database and added an option to compact the database. This compact option useful if you keep the program on a thumb drive or cloud synced folder and need to keep the size as small as possible. While any new database updates will automatically perform this procedure, the compact link gives a little more user control.

A new CLIPBOARDSPLIT command for Macros has been added for advanced users. This command will split the clipboard, using a set separator, into pieces to be recombined with keystrokes or formatting. This command can be used as a loop to treat all the pieces the same, or each piece can be inserted individually. If a block of text can be separated consistently, it can be copied once instead of each part being copied manually. This is an alternative to using Form Mode for copy-and-paste automation.

Stability and Fixes

The new clip database has solved many issues, but a few new ones have surfaced. First, outside programs - like file scanners - can prevent SQLite from locking the database. ArsClip has now a mechanism to detect this condition and retry a few times first before quiting with an error.

A simple updating database window has been added that will appear if an import or update to the database may take some time at startup. This will show the program isn't frozen and that a one-time change is occurring that is delaying the load of the program.

joejoe Nov-19-15 10:26 AM CST

A New ArsClip Release


Version 5.05 of ArsClip is a solely bug fix and stability release. Notably, this fixes the issue where the Removed Clips menu item is missing from Popup. Also, a memory error that occurs on a some installs has been rectified.

Older Items

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