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joejoe Apr-10-21 8:21 PM EDT

NewFileGo Official Release

Version 1.06 of NewFileGo has been officially released. This small updates fixes an issue executing scripts with command line parameters.

joejoe Jan-21-21 1:48 PM EST

Rename Master Official Release

Version 3.16 of Rename Master has been officially released. This version the adds the "File Tags" to the "Insert/Edit Meta-variables" window. So, all tags for the "Current File" can be found in one location. The "File Tags" link under the file list still exists, if you prefer to see file specific tags this way.

This change was a missing feature in the redesign of the Insert/Edit Meta-Variables window.

joejoe Jun-07-20 2:23 PM EDT

NewFileGo Official Release

Version 1.05 of NewFileGo has been officially released. This version corrects issues with offline drives and missing folders when starting a watcher. If the path watched in on an offline drive, NFG will restart the Watcher once the drive is connected. If a path no longer exists, the Watcher will be disabled. NFG also now marks why a Watcher is not started.

joejoe May-13-20 1:40 PM EDT

Rename Master Official Release

Version 3.15 of Rename Master has been officially released. The goal of this release was to tweak the interface to improve discovery and to logically relate controls with items.

The Renaming Step window has been changed. There is now a visual indicator for the currently selected Renaming Step. There's a visual indicator for the "More" context window on the selected step. There's a visual indicator for "pinned open" steps. You can also show the "File Tags" window using the insert button on a Renaming Step. So, one doesn't have to "leave" the Renaming Script area to do this. There's a new area dedicated to controls specifically for the Renaming Steps with plenty of room for growth. There's a new help button in this new area to better describe the how to interact with this list.

The Insert/Edit Meta-Variables window has been completely redesigned. There's a natural left-to-right work flow. You select a variable, preview the results using a selected file, optionally format the results, and finally insert the variable into. There's a droplist list directly on this window for changing the file used for generating previews. There's also an option to keep this window open when you need to insert more than one variable at a time.

The File List now has help and information panels that display when using the manual rename box or when a collision or illegal name is detected. For example, the collision detect dialog has a button to uncheck all the problem files. The panel for the manual rename box has buttons to select part of the filename and describes how to use the up and down arrow keys.

The About window now has an button to perform an automatic backup. This feature is also "VirtualStore" aware, so any files redirected by the Program Files protect of Window will still be included in the backup.


These changes are the results of feedback sent by hundreds of users. As always, thanks to those that took the time to help improve the program.

joejoe Apr-28-20 8:23 PM EDT

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.31 of ArsClip has been officially released. While there are no new features (save one) in this release, several bugs have been addressed. A lot of work has been done to find and fix several small memory and graphics leaks. After a long period of running and showing the Popup, the program could seemingly "freeze" the desktop until the process is terminated. Dozens of minor issues have also been addressed in many parts of the program.

New "Online Code Examples" have been added to the Edit Permanent Clips window. This is technically the only new feature. These new scripts show how to use the new JavaScript window manipulation routines to do complex copy-and-paste automation routines with just a few lines of code. Based on your feedback of this feature, I plan to add new example scripts. The next script added will be a "virtual text clipboard" that can be used with global hotkeys.

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