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joejoe Nov-25-23 9:03 PM UTC

ArsClip Official Release

Version 5.38 of ArsClip has been officially released.

The current major changes can be summed up as: scripting support for HTML Clips and History/Permanent Clips Tab polishing in the Edit Clips/Macros window. There are also 3 new Configuration options/updates as well as several fixes.

The JavaScript scripting changes support HTML Clips on the clipboard in either code form or as a DOM Document. A few new examples will be added to the "Online Code Examples" in the next few days. There are already 2 examples posted in the Public Beta section of this set.

The History tab now supports better Find/Filter options. You can now list clips that are matches by text, clip type, and/or program. For advanced users, RegEx support is part of the text searching options.

joejoe Oct-03-23 4:47 PM UTC

Site Update

I've updated a download issue when browsing the site using HTTPS. The site will now serve ZIP downloads using HTTPS when using the secure protocol to browse.

joejoe Sep-25-23 5:57 PM UTC

ArsClip Official Release

ArsClip v5.37 has been officially released.

A few different type of issues have been addressed in this release. So, there are small updates to several parts of the program. Editing and testing custom Clip Menu macros is now easier. Drag-and-drop is now better supported by the Clipboard Bar and Popup. Scripting has been updated to allow for opening programs with text and non-text clips. And so on.

First, drag-and-drop has been updated. Clips on the Popup can now be dropped on external programs. Previously, you could only drag to re-order items on the Popup. The Clipboard Bar has been updated to better expose it's functionality. When dragging a clip to a file manager, the clip name is now more unique and won't trigger a warning dialog in the target program.

The Clipboard Bar now does a better job of disclosing its features. A lot of mouse usage was hidden (like hiding the Toolbar) and is now discoverable directly on this window. There's a new menu item for describing the Drag-and-Drop support (like dropping a textfile onto the clipboard bar). The hover tooltip also helps with better information (like 'drag-and-drop enabled').

The Custom Menus/Macros under Configuration have been greatly improved. New functions have been added for accessing the selected clip and adding it to the clipboard. The Online Code Examples are shown by default for these macros to make discoverability easier. Two new example scripts have been added to show how to paste or open selected clips into specific programs. Custom Menus/Macros have their own list of code examples specifically for the Clip Menu. AC will also now show an error tooltip if you attempt to use a Custom Macro with INDEX on a clip that is not a Popup Clip.

The Edit Clip window has also been updated to make debugging these Custom Menu/Macros much more easy. The JavaScript reference section has been totally re-written to use a control just like the Command Reference. Debug text is now shown in a section on this window when running macros. There's also a debug command for simulating the clip selected for the Clip Menu macro. So, you can run the macro in this window directly and it will act as if a specific Pinned/Popup/Clipboard menu was selected.

JavaScript routines have been added for saving clips. This means you save more than just plaintext (RTF, Bitmap supported). This also helps for interacting with external programs. You can save a clip and open it with a specific editor based on its file type. The Online Code Examples for Permanent Clips have been updated with an example show how to save the clipboard to a file and open that file with specific programs.

There's a new RUNCLIP command for Permanent Clips. You can run another Permanent Clip with the current clip and this can be nested. For example, you can combine clips so that you can paste both Pictures and Text with a single clip. There's also a command line parameter for running a specific Permanent Clip. This helps with automation using external programs.

The Backup feature on the About page has been updated. Backups ZIP files are now verified and a debug log will be created if anything goes wrong. So, it cannot silently fail.

joejoe Aug-26-23 3:25 AM UTC

Server Move

My website has been moved to another server from the same provider. Everything appears to be working fine. If you see any issues on the site, please let me know at the email address at the bottom of this page.

Also, I've made some changes so that the site should now work using an HTTPS secure connection. Previously, some style sheets were not working, nor were the Screen Capture GIFs.

joejoe May-29-23 2:36 AM UTC

Rename Master Official Release

Version 3.17 of Rename Master has been officially released.

The main window has received some minors tweaks. The "Edit/View" menus have been moved to the File List that they manipulate. This makes more logical sense for mentally linking these menus because of their screen location.

Two of the Renaming Steps have been updated for flexibility. "Remove/Replace Before/After" is now "Remove/Replace Before/Between". The new Between option lets you easily remove or replace any arbitrary text between two phrases. The "Remove/Replace Expression" now has more options when removing text. When defining a Starting/Middle/Ending part, you can now remove these parts separately instead of only removing all of these parts. Logically, this means you can remove parts of a filename only if it also contains specific conditions.

There was a possible program freeze when looking up the Meta-variable tags for a MOV file. This has been fixed and a few new MOV variables are now supported (including v_qt_created/v_qt_modified dates). Also, other minor fixes are in this release.

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