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ArsClip is a freeware "clipboard manager" utility. ArsClip monitors the clipboard and keeps track of the entries. Pasting is done by using a triggered popup window. This window can be triggered by a hotkey, holding right-click, a special trigger window, and other methods.

ArsClip used to be barebones, but I think I can safely say that it has become a nicely featured and highly configurable program, due to user feedback. The program now specializes in copy-and-paste automation tasks.

Delphi XE2 source code included


- Permanent Clips/Macros for copying and pasting automation
- Picture, RichText, File Copy, Unicode, HTML support
- Highly configurable
- Win7 Jumplist support
- Optional Clipboard Bar -- clipboard viewer
- Optional Global Clipboard to shares clips with other Windows and Android devices


This program requires no installation, but an optional setup program is included. Supported on Windows XP through Windows 10.

Also, now available on Android™ arsclipmini.joejoesoft.com/
joejoe Sep-29-15 4:32 PM UTC

Changes in v5.00

[download replaced by above version]

EDIT: 5.01 fixes a Win7 issue and detecting UAC
EDIT: 5.02 fixes an issue with loading the SQLite3.dll file on some systems

New:(Edit Clips/Macros)
- combined Edit History and Permanent Clips into one window
- new tab for working with other clip databases
- replaced About / Help tab

- added Clear button for plaintext hotkey
- added Global Clipboard options under Clipboard Monitoring

New:(Clipboard Monitor)
- added visual cues when clipboard is ignored

- added visual cues when "Clipboard Only" mode is active

- added automated compatibility for running from USB drive, remote folder, or local drive
- more checks for possible issues with protection programs and file permissions

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- issue pasting using a Global Hotkey

- issue when clip list changes while popup is open

- date format issue with some regions
- rewritten Popup and Removed clip storage
- re-implemented MimicDelayMS ac.ini variable
- added MimicDelayMSEnabled ac.ini variable, default is false

- issue when clicking system tray tooltip

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- issue when pasting a clip containing keystrokes

joejoe Mar-24-15 1:41 AM UTC

Changes in v4.21

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Search and Paste)
- deadlock when pasting a Removed clip

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- Clipboard ignored after using [MIMIC] command

Fix:(Edit Clip)
- issue with trailing newline character

- experimental fix for multi-monitor issue

joejoe Aug-18-14 5:24 PM UTC

Changes in v4.20

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Clip Menu)
- reworked the visuals
- support for keyboard navigation
- support for macros using Custom Menus

- new settings page [Popup>Clip Menu]
- added Custom Macro to Per-Program Options
- updated Keystrokes/Clicks information
- new 'Pin to taskbar' button under [Misc>Jumplist]

New:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- improved interactions with external scripts and programs
- new 'Wait for New Clip' command
- new 'Clipboard to Textfile' command
- updated [RUN] command to include [ENDRUN]
- [RUN] now parses all literal text and insert commands
- updated [WINDOWSEARCH] to support [WINDOWSEARCH=""]

- added 'move clip' keystrokes
- added 'show Clip Menu' keystroke

- improved delete keystroke
- various issues with Keystroke / Clicks settings
- Tooltip Hint not defaulting to text over HTML code
- drawing issues with very large font sizes
- tall menu text not always vertically centered
- minor visual tweaks

Fix:(Permanent Clip/Macros)
- issue with Clipboard State command

- reworked the debug window
- old debug logs preserved

joejoe Jul-15-14 5:36 AM UTC

Changes in v4.19

[download replaced by above version]

- header added when running in Clipboard Only mode
- header added when running in Explorer Compatibility Mode
- added header to the current Permanent Group
- added submenu to Permanent Group header

- added option to show tooltip for hotkeys
- new [Menu Items>Popup Clip Icons] settings

- hides when left click is not on popup for Explorer Compatibility mode
- tooltip size issue for certain items

- Configuration Mode not saved
- History settings not saved

joejoe Jul-08-14 6:37 PM UTC

Changes in v4.18

[download replaced by above version]

- PageUp/Down keys navigate between Clip Sets
- Home/End keystrokes changes Permanent Clips
- help tooltip shown when Shift, Ctrl, or Alt held
- pressing Shift, Ctrl, or Alt closes Tooltip Hint
- various left column icon tweaks
- 'Removed Clips' menu shown when Clip Sets filtered
- 'Removed Clips' menu shown for multiple Clip Sets
- added experimental mouse icon

- reworked the layout, re-organized
- added 'Configuration Mode' to main window
- added Tab key to [Keystrokes] page
- added display options to [Clipboard Bar] page
- added 'Explorer Compatibility Mode' setting to [Per-Program Options] page
- added mousewheel settings to [Behavior] page
- added options to [Popup Hotkeys] page

New:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- created '_System' group
- new command: [Edit Clipboard>Place Popup Clip on Clipboard]
- new command: Paste
- reworked editing global hotkeys for clips

- Allow Pictures checkbox not working
- Scroll Lock key option was broken

- hover issue for Permanent Groups with many items
- updated automatic Explorer Compatibility mode to include file dialogs
- improved Mimic Typing for Unicode characters
- improved autoscroll for tall popups
- tooltip position bug

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- issue with tooltip shown when hotkey activated
- edit issue with Enter key when editing clips
- changed font used for editing clips
- conflict between Permanent Clips/Macros and Per-Program Options fixed

- "Flush Clipboard" now also deletes the clip from Popup Clips
- Removed Clips configuration upper limit increased
- minor performance increase when displaying Removed Clips

joejoe Jun-12-14 3:30 PM UTC

Changes in v4.17

[download replaced by above version]

- added Filter feature to Clip Sets
- several visual tweaks
- improved mouse button popup trigger compatibility

- added "Left+Right Click" and delay options to [Hotkey > Alternatives]
- new [Popup>Display Options>Clip Sets] options
- several minor changes

- improved compatibility for "remove text formatting" option
- improved various default settings for a first install

Fix:(Clipboard Bar)
- improved toolbar interface

- rare "Access Violation" error message on copy
- "Cannot Create File" error message issue
- issue saving empty clip queues

joejoe Jun-01-14 7:17 PM UTC

Changes in v4.16

[download replaced by above version]

- re-organized settings for easier navigation
- new [Popup>Position] settings

New:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- reworked the Commands menu
- "Copy and Wait for Clip" command added
- added Temporary Clips List commands

New:(Pasting Tools Menu)
- added 'Paste All Files' menu item

- added experimental mouse wheel support

- usability issue when displaying long submenus
- made submenus more mouse friendly
- updated fallback positions for Automatic mode
- improved compatibility for right-click trigger

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- "Wait" command delay setting broken
- updated [WINDOWCLIPBOARD] command for bitmaps
- conflict when text-scrubbing option is turned on

- small memory leak (GDI Objects)
- added check for startup issue
- "Cannot create file" error when clip is empty

joejoe Dec-18-13 9:18 PM UTC

Changes in v4.15

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- visibility options
- height changed when toolbar toggled
- more state information saved
- Alter Clip menu item for removing linefeeds

- added Alt+Select option
- fixes for compatibility with Mimic Typing
New:(Configuration>Hotkey Alternative)
- added popup option when middle mouse button held

- issues and improvements to picture thumbnails
- more Explorer mode tweaks
- tweaks to Explorer compatibility mode

- various visual tweaks
- issues with non-English keyboards

Fix:(Clipboard Bar)
- final display issue fix

Fix:(Right Click Trigger)
- no longer activated when mouse is moved/dragged

Fix:(Permanent Clips Edit Window)
- CTRL+A not working for Select All

- added Explorer compatibility mode
- popup warnings only displayed once per program, per session

joejoe Oct-13-13 1:10 AM UTC

Changes in v4.14

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Clipboard Bar)
- visibility issues

- icon load issue at startup on some systems

Fix:(Removed Clips)
- cache issue after reindexing
- Recently Removed not always emptied when flushed

NOTES: This is a quick fix release for issues in the previous version.

joejoe Oct-09-13 9:03 PM UTC

Changes in v4.13

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- added Drag and Drop support
- added Toolbar right-click toggle
- added a Tooltip
- added click support
- updated minimum height

- added UTF-8 support for HTML clips

New:(Permanent Clips)
- existing clips converted to new file format
- added Inverse Case command

- new Clipboard Bar options
- new Keystrokes/Mouse option for Pinned Clips

New:(Clip Menu)
- added "Paste As" menu

- reworked clip file format
- Unicode clips now use less resources

Fix:(Clipboard Bar)
- positioning on some multi-monitor systems
- workaround for always-on-top issue

Fix:(Trigger Window)
- workaround for always-on-top issue

Fix:(Clip Menu)
- 'Paste as File' updated
- positioning near screen edge when expanding

Fix:(Edit History)
- Copy Button issue
- added support for menu captions (compacted whitespace)
- improved Removed Clips performance

- default to Clipboard Only for command prompt
- issue when showing submenus near destkop edge
- clip type icons shown for Permanent Clips
- small pictures not drawn correctly
- improved pictures drawing speed and thumbnail caching

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- "Move To" group popup not working

Fix:(Permanent Clips Edit Window)
- display issues when resized

- minor display changes when used on system tray

- configuration option to use old internal editor wasn't enforced
- autosave only saves if Popup Clips has new clips

NOTES: The program will automatically convert existing clips files on the first run for the Popup Clips, Removed Clips, and Permanent Clips.

joejoe Sep-02-13 7:00 PM UTC

Changes in v4.12

[download replaced by above version]

- improved picture displaying
- improved performance

- improved picture displaying and scaling
- improved HTML and RichText displaying
- HTML Clips shown as RichText on Tooltip, when possible

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- improved the interface
- improved clip displaying

New:(Permanent Clips)
- Tooltip shown when activating a global hotkey
- added Edit Clipboard case commands

New:(Edit History)
- re-worked the Removed Clips tab for performance

- Pin/Unpin command added Keystrokes/Mouse options

- clip caption cached for minor performance improvement
- minor changes to Tooltip position
- issue with [Configuration>Jumplist>Trigger Popup] setting

Fix:(Permanent Clips Window)
- issue drawing older Unicode clips

- reduced clipboard access
- re-worked clip read/write routines
- re-worked icon cache
- re-worked clip queues
- memory leak in Recently Removed clips
- issue with error reporting in Permanent Clips

joejoe Jun-26-13 6:33 PM UTC

Changes in v4.11

[download replaced by above version]

- enhanced shortcut keys for keyboard users
- improved color support
- improved icon visuals
- various other visual improvements

- improved the color settings under 'Display Options'
- new 'Jump List' settings page added
- 'Tooltip Hint' option for showing header/footer

New:(Permanent Clips Windows)
- new Edit Clipboard commands
- made windows more keyboard friendly
- current group is now shown on edit window

- [Program Options] pasting method changes not immediate

Fix:(Search and Paste)
- window now closes when focus is lost

- error message on startup on Win8 and some Win7 systems
- small improvement to debug logging

joejoe Jun-17-13 7:29 PM UTC

Changes in v4.10

[download replaced by above version]

- Clip Sets support added for Popup Clips
- clicked clips show in a different color
- tooltip notification when pasting in Clipboard Only programs

- Richtext support added

New:(Clip Menu)
- reworked Paste and Make Permanent menus
- added shortcut key support

- new [Clipboard>Text Clips] option to ignore large clips
- added [Popup>Clip Sets] options
- [Popup>Keystrokes] option to limit keys used by Popup Clips
- [Popup>Tooltip] option to show richtext formatting
- [Clipboard>History] increased the Popup Clip maximum
- renamed Show Options to Display Options

New:(Permanent Clips)
- added more information in the Help tab
- support for \n and \t in "Find and Replace Clipboard" command

- Popup Clips visible whitespace characters not working for formatted text
- improved fullscreen program detection for Right-Click Trigger
- issue with accelerator keys that require Shift to create
- minor click issue with separator lines on the popup

- sporadic pasting issue when using system tray to show popup
- issue with invisible form on taskbar

joejoe Feb-28-13 12:14 AM UTC

Changes in v4.9

[download replaced by above version]

- significant performance improvements

- added footer for clip information

New:(Configuration>Show Options)
- option to disable thumbnails for Picture Clips

New:(Permanent Clips)
- new [TRIMCLIPBOARD] command to remove leading and trailing spaces
- added [MIMIC] command for mimic typing

- Double Height setting not working for Recently Removed clips

- hotkey missing in footer for Permanent Clips
- issue with position on bottom-left corner of the screen

Fix:(Recently Removed)
- size reverting back to 5 clips

- issue with some popup clip pictures not loading on startup

NOTES: Footer information will only be shown for newer clips.

joejoe Jan-17-13 12:57 AM UTC

Changes in v4.8

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- issues creating clips on a new install

NOTES: This hotfix addresses an issue that stops a new install from being able to create a Permanent Clip.

joejoe Jan-09-13 8:10 PM UTC

Changes in v4.7

[download replaced by above version]

- clip icons issue

NOTE: Existing clips made with 4.6 will not have the correct icon.

joejoe Jan-08-13 1:28 AM UTC

Changes in v4.6

[download replaced by above version]

- option for middle mouse button click actions
- Popup color options

New:(Clip Item Menu)
- new [Paste ... > As File] option

New:(Permanent Clips)
- Command to delete a PopupClip

- arsclip.ini option TXTProgram for specifying editing program
- arsclip.ini option BMPProgram for specifying editing program

- updated All Permanent methods for displaying 'switch' menus
- pinned items not detected as current clip after unpinning
- issue with [System>Flush] separator line
- unpinned items return after a program restart

Fix:(Permanant Clip Edit)
- right-click menu updated to replace any type of current clip

Fix:(Edit History)
- issue with exporting RichText clips

Fix:(Tooltip Hint)
- updated to show hotkeys for permanent clips

Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- issue when re-saving formatted or non-text clips

- two memory leaks associated with Tooltip on system tray

joejoe Oct-15-12 6:26 PM UTC

Changes in v4.5

[download replaced by above version]

- Popup Clips can now be pinned to the popup

New:(Clip Menu)
- updated visuals
- added support for pinned clips

New:(About Window)
- added button to check for new versions

- Option to use Picture clip when both a Picture and Text clip are detected

- issues pasting pictures
- 'Edit Clip' routine not working on WinXP
- popup somtimes closing when using the Alt key for a hotkey
- WinXP submenu display issue
- issue displaying empty submenus

Fix:(Clip Menu)
- minor visual changes

Fix:(Permanent Clips Window)
- minor visual changes

- intermittent issue when loading the program on a stressed system

joejoe Aug-20-12 11:30 PM UTC

Changes in v4.4

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Permanent Clips)
- command to Find and Replace text on the clipboard
- command to disable monitoring when running a clip
Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- issue with HTML Clips
- reworked keystrokes and commands
- issue with the RUN command and the '[' character
- fixed minor issues with preview window

- several "List index out of bounds" errors corrected

Fix:(Edit History)
- memory leak when switching tabs

Fix:(Tooltip Hint)
- issue displaying very large text clips

Fix:(Removed Clips)
- error could be caused when starting the program

- hotkey may stop responding on some systems
- icon cache improvements and fixes
- updated the debug logging

joejoe Jul-18-12 12:55 AM UTC

Changes in v4.3

[download replaced by above version]

New: Full Unicode support

New:(Tooltip Window)
- rewritten and redesigned
- improved behavior when shown on system tray icon

New:(Permanent Clips)
- updated WAIT command too allow custom millisecond values
- added new PROMPT command to allow for interactive data inserts

New:(Edit History/Removed Clips)
- icon now shown for type of clip
- improved loading speed
- added new icon scheme to speed up loading of clips

New:(Permanent Clips)
- added new Preview button for testing clips with keystrokes and commands

- added new slider control for number input
- added 'Paste as Plaintext Only' keystroke option
- added keystrokes option to paste without closing the popup
- added option for pasting using Plain text and Formatted text
- added option for pasting using Formatted text only
- added option for pasting using Plain text only

- 'MimicDelayMS' setting added to arsclip.ini to slow down the keyboard mimic speed

- updated tooltip and popup positions on system tray
- tweaked the Right-Click popup trigger routine
- right-click trigger "Popup" tooltip missing
- autoscroll detection now works with keyboard navigation
- problems with autoscroll on multi-monitor setups with different offsets

Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- detection for && literal ampersand
- detection for TAB key in Custom Keystrokes
- value for PROMPT command used for all identical prompts

Fix:(Edit History)
- problem with Find button

Fix:(System Tray)
- updated the icon flashing routine for compatibility

- clip search routine was broken

- error message may appear when using specific configuration settings
- error logging updated

joejoe May-17-12 9:05 PM UTC

Changes in v4.0.2

[download replaced by above version]

- popup now scrolled when larger than the screen height
- partial pictures clips displayed on Popup Clips
- added an Alt keypress function for accelerator keys to paste as formatted text

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- clip icon added to window for RichText, HTML, and Files

New:(Trigger Window)
- window is now dragable on the bottom-left corner

New:(Permanent Clips)
- added 'Place on Clipboard Only' Command

New: added 'snap to' behavior to the Trigger Window and Clipboard Bar

- issue with unclickable submenus that are displayed below the main popup
- update to use the Virtual Desktop's top-left corner
- 'current clipboard' background was not always updated correctly
- problem with using Mimic Typing as a Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click keystroke
- display issue with ampersands (also on Clipboard Bar)
- highlight issues when using mouse position
- positioning issues after dragging the popup
- drag mark cosmetic issue

Fix:(Clip Menu)
- issue with position on certain multi-monitor configurations

- text size issue
- now uses the same font settings as the popup
- tab characters are displayed
- improved tooltip displaying of pictures

- improved the Show Preview automation to trigger with other settings

Fix:(Trigger Window)
- improved hover detection

joejoe Apr-06-12 5:02 AM UTC

Changes in v4.0.1

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- completely redesigned window
- right-click popup menu added to Clipboard Bar

- bottom left corner used to drag the entire popup
- transparent popup in Form Mode
- tweaks to position when reported window locations are wrong

- [Popup] option to disable accelerator keys
- [Popup] option to auto-collapse expandable menus when another is expanded
- [Popup] option to auto-expand expandable menus on hover
- [Popup>Tooltip Hint] option to change the display delay
- [Clipboard>Text Clip] option to ignore small text clips
- [Per-Program Options] button to manually add program names

New:(Clipboard) ignores clips that are all-whitespace
New:(tray icon) new tooltip shown when icon hovered

- [Popup>Menu Order] fixed Show Preview font
- [Popup>Menu Order] removed Color option from Set Font dialog

- several issues fixed when using Form Mode
- minor cosmetic change to the highlight
- error when dragging in a blank area
- minor drag cosmetic issues
- 'Search ...' renamed to 'Search and Paste ...'

Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- issue when showing the Permanent Clip window using a Permanent Clip
- issues with the [RUN] command, web addresses, and [CLIPBRD] with special characters

Fix:(Paste Selected) issues when using keyboard selection
Fix:(Edit History) cosmetic issues for picture clips

joejoe Mar-28-12 1:34 AM UTC

Changes in v4.0.0

[download replaced by above version]

New: (Popup) completely redesigned popup window
- Expandable Menus
- new Clip Menu window for editing clips
- drag-and-drop reordering
- Menu key/Application key and Delete key support
- whitespace is replace with symbols for clip captions
- improved the default starting state for a new installation
- accelerator key duplicates prevented
- optional double-height Popup Clip menus

- updated items relating to the new popup
- removed no longer needed options
- (Popup>Menu Order) some menus renamed
- (Popup>Menu Order) - 'Show Preview' button to visualize any changes
- (Popup>Show Options) added a Double Height option
- (Popup>Show Options) option to disable empty menu items instead of hiding them

New:(arsclip.ini file) new section for accelerator keys
New:(Paste Selected Text) window reworked

- cosmetic changes
- Permanent Clip captions not always correct
- timing issues when closing the window
- typing sometimes didn't trigger a search
- error if exited with no items found
- memory leak if Removed Clips found in search results
- bell/beep when Escape pressed

Fix: (Configuration)
- (Popup>Removed Clips) up/down control not working
- (Per-Program Options) icon now only shown for when default settings are changed

Fix: (Removed Clips) issue if size is set to zero
Fix: (Clip Menu) visibility issues

joejoe Feb-27-12 6:05 PM UTC

Changes in v3.2.2

New: Improved Permanent Clips edit window
- new Commands added
- new 'Custom Key Combination' option added to Keystrokes
- added example Keystroke and Command items
- new right-click menu options for the Clip to Paste

New: Improved Permanent Clips and Groups window
- new icons to show types of clips
- added a confirmation to the delete command
- fixed selection issues
- cosmetic changes
- clip re-selected after an edit

New: Minor changes existing settings in the Configuration window
- updated [Clipboard>Text Clips]
- updated [Clipboard>Non-Text Clips]
- updated [Popup>Show Options]
- [Popup>Show Options] setting to toggle between using program icons and an icon for the type of clip

New: Improved Edit History/Removed Clips window
- option to export clips to normal Text/RichText/Picture files

Fix: External Edit results now saved to popup
Fix: Clips with keystrokes updated to prevent conflicts
Fix: New clips ignored while External Editor program is editing a clip
Fix: Edit History slow to update after editing a clip
Fix: Program was stopped while until sound stopped playing
Fix: Search window not pasting pictures
Fix: Search window memory leak

joejoe Feb-06-12 10:21 PM UTC

Changes in v3.2.1

[download replaced by above version]

New: Revamped Edit History/Removed Clips window
- added RichText preview support
- changed clip display format
- combined Edit History and Recently Removed windows into one
- added a Configuration button
New: Revamped Search window
- improved positioning
- keystrokes labeled
- status messages correctly displayed while searching
New: Revamped Permanent Clip new/edit window
New: Created a new configuration category [Clipboard>History]
New: Created a new configuration category [Clipboard>Sound]
New: Sound options no longer require a registry write and are portable

Fix: Removed Items sometimes shown as empty
Fix: Changing the Removed Clips queue size could incorrectly remove clips
Fix: Fixed Find dialog issues under Removed Clips
Fix: Tweaks to the Tooltip Popup hotkeys
Fix: Sound not played if clip is the exact same as the last
Fix: UAC Admin detection added since ArsClip cannot paste directly into these programs
Fix: Old registry settings removed when sound option is disabled
Fix: Improved the External Editor routine

joejoe Jan-05-12 3:36 AM UTC

Changes in v3.2.0

New: Configuration window reworked and categorized
New: Default popup view simplified for new installs
New: User defined Shift+Select and Ctrl+Select keystroke configuration options
New: External Editor support for text and picture clips
New: Clip size shown on tooltip hint
New: Option to use Virtual Desktop for the Trigger Window
New: Tooltip Hint will grow to show larger clips when hovered for longer

Fix: Configuration displayed by default when second instance is run
Fix: Configuration screen not displayed in foreground in some instances
Fix: System menu on popup showed old icons
Fix: 'Current' popup menu item not cleared correctly
Fix: Tweaks and fixes to the Clipboard Bar window
Fix: 'Edit Selected' popup menu item was not always working in Full Mode
Fix: Wrong icon sometimes shown on Program Options popup menu item
Fix: Configuration window shown on taskbar when opened

joejoe Nov-29-11 10:03 PM UTC

Changes in 3.1.6

New: Trigger Window configuration option
New: Current popup history automatically saved every 10 minutes
New: 'Edit Clipboard' will now use your default text editor
New: Added an Edit Clipboard shortcut to the tooltip shown when left clicking the system tray icon
New: 'Destroy Item' added to right-click menu

Fix: Popup uses mouse position when target window doesn't correctly report the Caret position
Fix: Tweaked the Search window to try to reduce ignored keystrokes
Fix: Windows launched from Jumplist did not always appear in foreground
Fix: Workaround for popup menu position problems with maximized windows
Fix: Updated the CLIPBRD command to work with the RUN command in Permanent Clips

joejoe Mar-24-11 2:01 AM UTC

Changes in 3.1.5

[download replaced by above version]

New: Option to disable the default search word under Show Options

Fix: Removed "Integer Overflow" error message prompt, shown when some lists are empty
Fix: Full Mode now added by default when entire popup is blank
Fix: Column Break was accidentally shown in Full Mode
Fix: Search window pasting was destructive to selected text in target program
Fix: Keystrokes commands on Search window result could cause a crash when list was empty
Fix: Undelete sometimes shown instead of Remove on right-click context menu
Fix: "`" hotkey not triggering Full/Configured item on popup
Fix: Show Order window display problem
Fix: Using Switch from system tray was not saved for current foreground window
Fix: Previous Unicode test fix broke case sensitive configuration option
Fix: Text Item display issue when the only item shown on the popup
Fix: Various fixes to Removed Clips window
Fix: Tooltip Popup after a flush could access missing item
Fix: Workaround for disappearing controls when Alt is pressed

joejoe Jul-06-10 11:01 PM UTC

Changes in v3.1.4

[download replace by above version]

New: Jump List support for Windows 7
New: Icon's re-vamped
New: POPUPITEM command in Permanent Items
New: Updated URL fix code to encode spaces for a legal URL

Fix: "replace formatted text with plaintext" option caused a crash
Fix: Clipboard Bar state saved
Fix: Unicode text sometimes falsely detected as duplicate
Fix: Right-Click hold trigger ignored when the mouse is moving [for drag operations]
Fix: Reworded clips to use the word "clip" instead of "item"
Fix: Right-Click on a Permanent Clip on the popup caused an error message
Fix: Mimic Typing speed increased
Fix: Search didn't wait until typings stopped before searching
Fix: The "undelete" item missing from the Recently Removed Clip's right click menu
Fix: Small tweaks to the system tray's menu
Fix: Removed unused "Refresh" system tray item for Vista or above systems

joejoe May-21-09 12:17 AM UTC

Changes in v3.1.3

[download replace by above version]

New: Option to keep non-text items in a separate list
- Duplicate non-text clips now detected

New: Holding the right mouse button displays the popup
- RightClickDelay variable added to the ArsClip.ini text config file [defaults 600 milliseconds (0.6 seconds)]
- Added new "Program Options" setting to disable the right-click trigger for individual programs.

New: "Paste Selected" will combine and paste items as Unicode (when supported)
- Unicode text now displayed in "Paste Selected" dialog

New: "(Column Break)" item added to Show Order options

(EDIT)Fix: Display warning message if files data cannot be created
Fix: Workaround for crash when system tray icon triggered and display driver reset
- "OldTrayPopup" configuration option added to ArsClip.ini text file

Fix: Permanent Item global hotkeys incorrectly triggered by other programs/hardware
Fix: Errors when copying large, complex items [from programs like Excel]
Fix: Problem with Text Items format configuration
Fix: "Replace formatted text with plaintext" would alter some non-text items, like file copies.
Fix: Some data left on Edit History dialog after "Flush Everything"
Fix: Optional setup program updated
Fix: Minor GUI fixes for the configuration window
Fix: Missing tooltip for Recently Clicked items
Fix: Mimic Typing now works with AltGr generated characters
Fix: Some global hotkeys incorrectly triggered by other programs/hardware
Fix: "Clear" hotkey button not working for editing a Permanent Item

joejoe Jan-12-09 10:47 PM UTC

Changes in v3.1.2

New: "Search" popup item
New: Recently Clicked popup submenu item [only shown when not empty]
New: Full/Configured Icon open "Show Order" configuration window
New: "Edit Permanent Items" added to submenu of All Items submenu and Switch To submenu
New: Edit button show on Popup for currently highlighted Permanent Item
New: Sound Enable is now a configuration item (requires registry write when enabled)

Fix: "Make Permanent" failed on the very first run
Fix: New popup menu items don't require a reset of the Show Order user configuration options
Fix: Clipboard Watcher causing constant monitoring refreshing
Fix: Shortcut key for "Last" is now reserved even when not currently shown
Fix: Using the Windows Key as hotkey could cause other hotkeys to execute
Fix: "Permission denied" message incorrectly shown for programs with no text fields
Fix: Dragged Permanent Items with keystrokes problem
Fix: "All Items" was not displayed if last group was empty
Fix: Menu item renamed to "Permanent Groups"
Fix: Right-Click on Non-text Items was not working

joejoe Apr-16-08 10:08 PM UTC

Changes in v3.1.1

New: Marker for the current text item on the clipboard
New: Experimental 'Clipboard Bar' system tray menu option
New: Option to set the smallest popup item height in pixels - default 16
New: Icons scaled to fit popup item height
New: Configuration option to disable the 'Copy Selected' operation for non-standard text controls [enabled by default]

Fix: Images copied in Internet Explorer detected as HTML instead of pictures
Fix: Tweaks for the colors on Win2K systems
Fix: Tweaks for Win2K and XP with basic theme
Fix: Rendering of 'System' item and checkboxes update on the popup
Fix: Tweaks to the left column and tooltip header colors to be more compatible with different OSes
Fix: Tooltip shown on tray icon click covered up the icon - interfering with further clicking
Fix: Current Permanent Items doesn't need to be shown in Full Mode, when configured not shown
Fix: "Last:" item doesn't need to be shown in Full Mode when empty
Fix: Tweaks to the 'Edit Selected' item to be more responsive and eliminate possible freezing
Fix: Duplicate line separators sometimes shown
Fix: 'Edit Selected' disabled for the desktop
Fix: 'Mimic Type' setting in Program Options menu item not working
Fix: The "Save to" group option only worked for existing items, not new items.

joejoe Feb-17-08 9:31 PM UTC

Changes in v3.1.0

(Note: Original Release had a problem saving permanent items, 310b fixes that problem)

New: XP/Vista Theme Support
New: Updated look for the main popup and the system tray icon popup
New: Option to replace new formatted text clipboard items with plain text
New: "Edit Clipboard" sytem tray icon command
New: "Edit Selected" popup menu item
New: "Move to" right-click option for items on the Permanent Items window
New: Permanent Item edit window now has an option for saving the item to another group
New: Current Clipboard item shown when the system tray icon is clicked
New: Popup hotkey shown on tooltip when system tray icon hovered
New: Option to use a case sensative text item list
New: Included Removed Items in the "Move to first" when selected option
New: Option to show the Edit Item window instead of the popup when highlighted items are detected
New: Pressing Tab simulates pressing the cliptype icon on the main popup
New: "Application" keyboard key can be used instead of a right-click on menu items

Fix: Crash creating a permanent item when no default group exist
Fix: Ctrl+Click configuration option not loaded correctly
Fix: Improved the display speed of the tooltip when the item contains a very large amount of text
Fix: [Program Options->Shift+Insert] setting was not working
Fix: "Current" Permanent Group missing from popup under some configurations
Fix: Some Configuration items re-worded and re-organized
Fix: Hotkey was not being show on system tray's tooltip when "flashing" the icon setting disabled
Fix: Permanent Item name wasn't set when editing certain types of clips

joejoe Jun-12-07 4:47 AM UTC

Changes in v3.0.3

New: Permanent Items edit window
New: added Help/About tab to Permanent Items
Fix: "All Items" not shown when no Permanent Items exist
Fix: Empty permanent item groups not shown

joejoe Mar-15-07 2:51 AM UTC

Changes in v3.0.2

New: "Flush Clipboard" system tray command

Fix: "Switch To" configuration option not loaded
Fix: -data command fix for 2 files
Fix: Edit window "sticking" when accelerator keys used on popup
Fix: "Maximum width" not loaded on restart
Fix: Broken chain detected, but not corrected

joejoe Feb-04-07 2:17 AM UTC

Changes in 3.0.1

New: Vista Clipboard API support - no more chain breaks in Vista
New: "Show Order" configuration option to fully configure the popup
New: popup max width option
New: [Popup -> Tooltip Hint] max width and height options
New: Improved disabled monitoring notification on the system tray
New: Save to Popup button on the Edit Item window
New: [P] cliptype icon for pictures

Fix: "-data" switch not saving all files in profile
Fix: Removed Items Flush rewritten
Fix: Program quits in Vista when hotkey pressed for High integrity process
Fix: Pictures scaled to fit tooltip
Fix: Only true type fonts were shown on Set Popup Font dialog
Fix: now only Text or Non-Text icons are outlined when highlighted
Fix: "Show Options" simplified to reflect Show Order changes
Fix: Font styles, sizes, and color settings for popup implemented (see Set Popup Font button)
Fix: minor font changes to windows and dialogs for ClearType support

joejoe Jan-12-07 10:29 PM UTC

Changes in 3.0.0

New: Right-Click menu item to show Menu (woohoo!)
New: Improved tooltip (hint window) graphics and positioning
New: Updated visuals for highlighted popup items
New: Program icon can be clicked on popup to Edit current item
New: "Program options" item on popup
New: "[CLIPBRD]" keystroke/command that inserts current clipboard contents into a Permanent Item when pasted - making it a template.
New: added "-data" command line option to store data in the current user's profile
New: "Edit" button on preview window
New: Right-Click cut/copy/paste menu for Edit window
New: Disable Chain Break detection option (for Vista)
New: Improved accelerator keys generation
New: Improved Unicode item displaying in Permanent Items

Fix: Index Out of Bounds error occurs when users run ArsClip for long periods of time
Fix: Problems when configured to show main popup on system tray
Fix: Removed Items Flush can fail if program immediately closed
Fix: Workaround for VBA (Visual Basic) clipboard items
Fix: Rare case where chain break detection is turned off permanently after the first break
Fix: Problem with Removed Items cache off by 1
Fix: Access Error when no text, non-text, or permanent items are on the popup.

joejoe Mar-18-06 7:34 AM UTC

Changes in 2.8.7

Fix: text truncated when pasted twice and "Last:" Show Option enabled

joejoe Feb-26-06 8:42 PM UTC

Changes in 2.8.6

New: Popup rewritten
New: Clickable cliptype icon to paste as formatted text
New: Complex text items configuration option for HTML, Unicode, and RichText
New: Improved ellipses (...) for URLs and filenames
New: Flush Everything system tray option
New: Automatically generated shortcut keys for all main popup items, including Permanent Items [when option enabled]
New: "SPACE" keyboard emulation option

Fix: Flushed items sometimes revert after a reboot
Fix: Hoovered tooltip's height limited

joejoe Jan-12-06 11:18 PM UTC

Changes in 2.8.5

Fix: Complex Permanent Items ignored
Fix: Delete Group button broken
Fix: Show "Last/Current" config options broken
Fix: "Edit Item" menu item not working on Permanent Items
Fix: Dialogs/Tooltips only appearing on Primary monitor for multi-monitor systems
New: (Paste Clipboard as Plaintext) hotkey
New: "Run" command added and renamed "Keystroke" checkbox
New: Global hotkey shown in tooltip

joejoe Dec-31-05 10:18 PM UTC

Changes in v2.8.4

Fix: Error message when you press a Global Hotkey
Fix: Move and Edit dialog windows sometimes appearing offscreen
Fix: "Make Permanet Item" fails when AutoPreview tab is selected
Fix: Some buttons incorrectly enabled on Permanent Items form
Fix: Crash when moving very last permanent item
Fix: Global Hotkey not included for "Move" button
Fix: "Division by Zero" when displaying empty "Removed Items"

joejoe Dec-29-05 5:32 PM UTC

Changes in v2.8.3

Fix: New/Up/Down buttons not working in Permenent Items
Fix: CTRL and SHIFT reversed for Global hotkeys

NOTE: Program version reads incorrectly as v2.8.2 - but it's the correct release.

joejoe Dec-28-05 12:52 AM UTC

Changes in v2.8.1

Fix: Recently Removed items count not set on restart
Fix: "Switch to" configuration options not working
Fix: Reworded some configuration option to be clearer in meaning
Fix: Firefox 1.5 items not being retreived as CF_HTML
New: Optional Global Hotkeys for each permanent item
New: "Clear" permanent item keystroke to clear the clipboards contents

joejoe Dec-09-05 9:22 PM UTC

Changes in v2.8.0

Fix: 100% CPU usage for Next / Previous Tooltip Popup
New: Configuration option for Recently Removed item


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