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ArsClip is a freeware "clipboard manager" utility. ArsClip monitors the clipboard and keeps track of the entries. Pasting is done by using a triggered popup window. This window can be triggered by a hotkey, holding right-click, a special trigger window, and other methods.

ArsClip used to be barebones, but I think I can safely say that it has become a nicely featured and highly configurable program, due to user feedback. The program now specializes in copy-and-paste automation tasks.

Delphi XE2 source code included


- Permanent Clips/Macros for copying and pasting automation
- Picture, RichText, File Copy, Unicode, HTML support
- Highly configurable
- Win7 Jumplist support
- Optional Clipboard Bar -- clipboard viewer


This program requires no installation, but an optional setup program is included. Supported on Windows XP through Windows 10.

Also, now available on Android™ arsclipmini.joejoesoft.com/
joejoe Jun-12-14 10:30 AM CDT

Changes in v4.17

[download replaced by above version]

- added Filter feature to Clip Sets
- several visual tweaks
- improved mouse button popup trigger compatibility

- added "Left+Right Click" and delay options to [Hotkey > Alternatives]
- new [Popup>Display Options>Clip Sets] options
- several minor changes

- improved compatibility for "remove text formatting" option
- improved various default settings for a first install

Fix:(Clipboard Bar)
- improved toolbar interface

- rare "Access Violation" error message on copy
- "Cannot Create File" error message issue
- issue saving empty clip queues

joejoe Jun-01-14 2:17 PM CDT

Changes in v4.16

[download replaced by above version]

- re-organized settings for easier navigation
- new [Popup>Position] settings

New:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- reworked the Commands menu
- "Copy and Wait for Clip" command added
- added Temporary Clips List commands

New:(Pasting Tools Menu)
- added 'Paste All Files' menu item

- added experimental mouse wheel support

- usability issue when displaying long submenus
- made submenus more mouse friendly
- updated fallback positions for Automatic mode
- improved compatibility for right-click trigger

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- "Wait" command delay setting broken
- updated [WINDOWCLIPBOARD] command for bitmaps
- conflict when text-scrubbing option is turned on

- small memory leak (GDI Objects)
- added check for startup issue
- "Cannot create file" error when clip is empty

joejoe Dec-18-13 3:18 PM CST

Changes in v4.15

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- visibility options
- height changed when toolbar toggled
- more state information saved
- Alter Clip menu item for removing linefeeds

- added Alt+Select option
- fixes for compatibility with Mimic Typing
New:(Configuration>Hotkey Alternative)
- added popup option when middle mouse button held

- issues and improvements to picture thumbnails
- more Explorer mode tweaks
- tweaks to Explorer compatibility mode

- various visual tweaks
- issues with non-English keyboards

Fix:(Clipboard Bar)
- final display issue fix

Fix:(Right Click Trigger)
- no longer activated when mouse is moved/dragged

Fix:(Permanent Clips Edit Window)
- CTRL+A not working for Select All

- added Explorer compatibility mode
- popup warnings only displayed once per program, per session

joejoe Oct-12-13 8:10 PM CDT

Changes in v4.14

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Clipboard Bar)
- visibility issues

- icon load issue at startup on some systems

Fix:(Removed Clips)
- cache issue after reindexing
- Recently Removed not always emptied when flushed

NOTES: This is a quick fix release for issues in the previous version.

joejoe Oct-09-13 4:03 PM CDT

Changes in v4.13

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- added Drag and Drop support
- added Toolbar right-click toggle
- added a Tooltip
- added click support
- updated minimum height

- added UTF-8 support for HTML clips

New:(Permanent Clips)
- existing clips converted to new file format
- added Inverse Case command

- new Clipboard Bar options
- new Keystrokes/Mouse option for Pinned Clips

New:(Clip Menu)
- added "Paste As" menu

- reworked clip file format
- Unicode clips now use less resources

Fix:(Clipboard Bar)
- positioning on some multi-monitor systems
- workaround for always-on-top issue

Fix:(Trigger Window)
- workaround for always-on-top issue

Fix:(Clip Menu)
- 'Paste as File' updated
- positioning near screen edge when expanding

Fix:(Edit History)
- Copy Button issue
- added support for menu captions (compacted whitespace)
- improved Removed Clips performance

- default to Clipboard Only for command prompt
- issue when showing submenus near destkop edge
- clip type icons shown for Permanent Clips
- small pictures not drawn correctly
- improved pictures drawing speed and thumbnail caching

Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- "Move To" group popup not working

Fix:(Permanent Clips Edit Window)
- display issues when resized

- minor display changes when used on system tray

- configuration option to use old internal editor wasn't enforced
- autosave only saves if Popup Clips has new clips

NOTES: The program will automatically convert existing clips files on the first run for the Popup Clips, Removed Clips, and Permanent Clips.

joejoe Sep-02-13 2:00 PM CDT

Changes in v4.12

[download replaced by above version]

- improved picture displaying
- improved performance

- improved picture displaying and scaling
- improved HTML and RichText displaying
- HTML Clips shown as RichText on Tooltip, when possible

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- improved the interface
- improved clip displaying

New:(Permanent Clips)
- Tooltip shown when activating a global hotkey
- added Edit Clipboard case commands

New:(Edit History)
- re-worked the Removed Clips tab for performance

- Pin/Unpin command added Keystrokes/Mouse options

- clip caption cached for minor performance improvement
- minor changes to Tooltip position
- issue with [Configuration>Jumplist>Trigger Popup] setting

Fix:(Permanent Clips Window)
- issue drawing older Unicode clips

- reduced clipboard access
- re-worked clip read/write routines
- re-worked icon cache
- re-worked clip queues
- memory leak in Recently Removed clips
- issue with error reporting in Permanent Clips

joejoe Jun-26-13 1:33 PM CDT

Changes in v4.11

[download replaced by above version]

- enhanced shortcut keys for keyboard users
- improved color support
- improved icon visuals
- various other visual improvements

- improved the color settings under 'Display Options'
- new 'Jump List' settings page added
- 'Tooltip Hint' option for showing header/footer

New:(Permanent Clips Windows)
- new Edit Clipboard commands
- made windows more keyboard friendly
- current group is now shown on edit window

- [Program Options] pasting method changes not immediate

Fix:(Search and Paste)
- window now closes when focus is lost

- error message on startup on Win8 and some Win7 systems
- small improvement to debug logging

joejoe Jun-17-13 2:29 PM CDT

Changes in v4.10

[download replaced by above version]

- Clip Sets support added for Popup Clips
- clicked clips show in a different color
- tooltip notification when pasting in Clipboard Only programs

- Richtext support added

New:(Clip Menu)
- reworked Paste and Make Permanent menus
- added shortcut key support

- new [Clipboard>Text Clips] option to ignore large clips
- added [Popup>Clip Sets] options
- [Popup>Keystrokes] option to limit keys used by Popup Clips
- [Popup>Tooltip] option to show richtext formatting
- [Clipboard>History] increased the Popup Clip maximum
- renamed Show Options to Display Options

New:(Permanent Clips)
- added more information in the Help tab
- support for \n and \t in "Find and Replace Clipboard" command

- Popup Clips visible whitespace characters not working for formatted text
- improved fullscreen program detection for Right-Click Trigger
- issue with accelerator keys that require Shift to create
- minor click issue with separator lines on the popup

- sporadic pasting issue when using system tray to show popup
- issue with invisible form on taskbar

joejoe Feb-27-13 6:14 PM CST

Changes in v4.9

[download replaced by above version]

- significant performance improvements

- added footer for clip information

New:(Configuration>Show Options)
- option to disable thumbnails for Picture Clips

New:(Permanent Clips)
- new [TRIMCLIPBOARD] command to remove leading and trailing spaces
- added [MIMIC] command for mimic typing

- Double Height setting not working for Recently Removed clips

- hotkey missing in footer for Permanent Clips
- issue with position on bottom-left corner of the screen

Fix:(Recently Removed)
- size reverting back to 5 clips

- issue with some popup clip pictures not loading on startup

NOTES: Footer information will only be shown for newer clips.

joejoe Jan-16-13 6:57 PM CST

Changes in v4.8

[download replaced by above version]

Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- issues creating clips on a new install

NOTES: This hotfix addresses an issue that stops a new install from being able to create a Permanent Clip.

joejoe Jan-09-13 2:10 PM CST

Changes in v4.7

[download replaced by above version]

- clip icons issue

NOTE: Existing clips made with 4.6 will not have the correct icon.

joejoe Jan-07-13 7:28 PM CST

Changes in v4.6

[download replaced by above version]

- option for middle mouse button click actions
- Popup color options

New:(Clip Item Menu)
- new [Paste ... > As File] option

New:(Permanent Clips)
- Command to delete a PopupClip

- arsclip.ini option TXTProgram for specifying editing program
- arsclip.ini option BMPProgram for specifying editing program

- updated All Permanent methods for displaying 'switch' menus
- pinned items not detected as current clip after unpinning
- issue with [System>Flush] separator line
- unpinned items return after a program restart

Fix:(Permanant Clip Edit)
- right-click menu updated to replace any type of current clip

Fix:(Edit History)
- issue with exporting RichText clips

Fix:(Tooltip Hint)
- updated to show hotkeys for permanent clips

Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- issue when re-saving formatted or non-text clips

- two memory leaks associated with Tooltip on system tray

joejoe Oct-15-12 1:26 PM CDT

Changes in v4.5

[download replaced by above version]

- Popup Clips can now be pinned to the popup

New:(Clip Menu)
- updated visuals
- added support for pinned clips

New:(About Window)
- added button to check for new versions

- Option to use Picture clip when both a Picture and Text clip are detected

- issues pasting pictures
- 'Edit Clip' routine not working on WinXP
- popup somtimes closing when using the Alt key for a hotkey
- WinXP submenu display issue
- issue displaying empty submenus

Fix:(Clip Menu)
- minor visual changes

Fix:(Permanent Clips Window)
- minor visual changes

- intermittent issue when loading the program on a stressed system

joejoe Aug-20-12 6:30 PM CDT

Changes in v4.4

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Permanent Clips)
- command to Find and Replace text on the clipboard
- command to disable monitoring when running a clip
Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- issue with HTML Clips
- reworked keystrokes and commands
- issue with the RUN command and the '[' character
- fixed minor issues with preview window

- several "List index out of bounds" errors corrected

Fix:(Edit History)
- memory leak when switching tabs

Fix:(Tooltip Hint)
- issue displaying very large text clips

Fix:(Removed Clips)
- error could be caused when starting the program

- hotkey may stop responding on some systems
- icon cache improvements and fixes
- updated the debug logging

joejoe Jul-17-12 7:55 PM CDT

Changes in v4.3

[download replaced by above version]

New: Full Unicode support

New:(Tooltip Window)
- rewritten and redesigned
- improved behavior when shown on system tray icon

New:(Permanent Clips)
- updated WAIT command too allow custom millisecond values
- added new PROMPT command to allow for interactive data inserts

New:(Edit History/Removed Clips)
- icon now shown for type of clip
- improved loading speed
- added new icon scheme to speed up loading of clips

New:(Permanent Clips)
- added new Preview button for testing clips with keystrokes and commands

- added new slider control for number input
- added 'Paste as Plaintext Only' keystroke option
- added keystrokes option to paste without closing the popup
- added option for pasting using Plain text and Formatted text
- added option for pasting using Formatted text only
- added option for pasting using Plain text only

- 'MimicDelayMS' setting added to arsclip.ini to slow down the keyboard mimic speed

- updated tooltip and popup positions on system tray
- tweaked the Right-Click popup trigger routine
- right-click trigger "Popup" tooltip missing
- autoscroll detection now works with keyboard navigation
- problems with autoscroll on multi-monitor setups with different offsets

Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- detection for && literal ampersand
- detection for TAB key in Custom Keystrokes
- value for PROMPT command used for all identical prompts

Fix:(Edit History)
- problem with Find button

Fix:(System Tray)
- updated the icon flashing routine for compatibility

- clip search routine was broken

- error message may appear when using specific configuration settings
- error logging updated

joejoe May-17-12 4:05 PM CDT

Changes in v4.0.2

[download replaced by above version]

- popup now scrolled when larger than the screen height
- partial pictures clips displayed on Popup Clips
- added an Alt keypress function for accelerator keys to paste as formatted text

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- clip icon added to window for RichText, HTML, and Files

New:(Trigger Window)
- window is now dragable on the bottom-left corner

New:(Permanent Clips)
- added 'Place on Clipboard Only' Command

New: added 'snap to' behavior to the Trigger Window and Clipboard Bar

- issue with unclickable submenus that are displayed below the main popup
- update to use the Virtual Desktop's top-left corner
- 'current clipboard' background was not always updated correctly
- problem with using Mimic Typing as a Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click keystroke
- display issue with ampersands (also on Clipboard Bar)
- highlight issues when using mouse position
- positioning issues after dragging the popup
- drag mark cosmetic issue

Fix:(Clip Menu)
- issue with position on certain multi-monitor configurations

- text size issue
- now uses the same font settings as the popup
- tab characters are displayed
- improved tooltip displaying of pictures

- improved the Show Preview automation to trigger with other settings

Fix:(Trigger Window)
- improved hover detection

joejoe Apr-06-12 12:02 AM CDT

Changes in v4.0.1

[download replaced by above version]

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- completely redesigned window
- right-click popup menu added to Clipboard Bar

- bottom left corner used to drag the entire popup
- transparent popup in Form Mode
- tweaks to position when reported window locations are wrong

- [Popup] option to disable accelerator keys
- [Popup] option to auto-collapse expandable menus when another is expanded
- [Popup] option to auto-expand expandable menus on hover
- [Popup>Tooltip Hint] option to change the display delay
- [Clipboard>Text Clip] option to ignore small text clips
- [Per-Program Options] button to manually add program names

New:(Clipboard) ignores clips that are all-whitespace
New:(tray icon) new tooltip shown when icon hovered

- [Popup>Menu Order] fixed Show Preview font
- [Popup>Menu Order] removed Color option from Set Font dialog

- several issues fixed when using Form Mode
- minor cosmetic change to the highlight
- error when dragging in a blank area
- minor drag cosmetic issues
- 'Search ...' renamed to 'Search and Paste ...'

Fix:(Permanent Clips)
- issue when showing the Permanent Clip window using a Permanent Clip
- issues with the [RUN] command, web addresses, and [CLIPBRD] with special characters

Fix:(Paste Selected) issues when using keyboard selection
Fix:(Edit History) cosmetic issues for picture clips

joejoe Mar-27-12 8:34 PM CDT

Changes in v4.0.0

[download replaced by above version]

New: (Popup) completely redesigned popup window
- Expandable Menus
- new Clip Menu window for editing clips
- drag-and-drop reordering
- Menu key/Application key and Delete key support
- whitespace is replace with symbols for clip captions
- improved the default starting state for a new installation
- accelerator key duplicates prevented
- optional double-height Popup Clip menus

- updated items relating to the new popup
- removed no longer needed options
- (Popup>Menu Order) some menus renamed
- (Popup>Menu Order) - 'Show Preview' button to visualize any changes
- (Popup>Show Options) added a Double Height option
- (Popup>Show Options) option to disable empty menu items instead of hiding them

New:(arsclip.ini file) new section for accelerator keys
New:(Paste Selected Text) window reworked

- cosmetic changes
- Permanent Clip captions not always correct
- timing issues when closing the window
- typing sometimes didn't trigger a search
- error if exited with no items found
- memory leak if Removed Clips found in search results
- bell/beep when Escape pressed

Fix: (Configuration)
- (Popup>Removed Clips) up/down control not working
- (Per-Program Options) icon now only shown for when default settings are changed

Fix: (Removed Clips) issue if size is set to zero
Fix: (Clip Menu) visibility issues

joejoe Feb-27-12 12:05 PM CST

Changes in v3.2.2

New: Improved Permanent Clips edit window
- new Commands added
- new 'Custom Key Combination' option added to Keystrokes
- added example Keystroke and Command items
- new right-click menu options for the Clip to Paste

New: Improved Permanent Clips and Groups window
- new icons to show types of clips
- added a confirmation to the delete command
- fixed selection issues
- cosmetic changes
- clip re-selected after an edit

New: Minor changes existing settings in the Configuration window
- updated [Clipboard>Text Clips]
- updated [Clipboard>Non-Text Clips]
- updated [Popup>Show Options]
- [Popup>Show Options] setting to toggle between using program icons and an icon for the type of clip

New: Improved Edit History/Removed Clips window
- option to export clips to normal Text/RichText/Picture files

Fix: External Edit results now saved to popup
Fix: Clips with keystrokes updated to prevent conflicts
Fix: New clips ignored while External Editor program is editing a clip
Fix: Edit History slow to update after editing a clip
Fix: Program was stopped while until sound stopped playing
Fix: Search window not pasting pictures
Fix: Search window memory leak

joejoe Feb-06-12 4:21 PM CST

Changes in v3.2.1

[download replaced by above version]

New: Revamped Edit History/Removed Clips window
- added RichText preview support
- changed clip display format
- combined Edit History and Recently Removed windows into one
- added a Configuration button
New: Revamped Search window
- improved positioning
- keystrokes labeled
- status messages correctly displayed while searching
New: Revamped Permanent Clip new/edit window
New: Created a new configuration category [Clipboard>History]
New: Created a new configuration category [Clipboard>Sound]
New: Sound options no longer require a registry write and are portable

Fix: Removed Items sometimes shown as empty
Fix: Changing the Removed Clips queue size could incorrectly remove clips
Fix: Fixed Find dialog issues under Removed Clips
Fix: Tweaks to the Tooltip Popup hotkeys
Fix: Sound not played if clip is the exact same as the last
Fix: UAC Admin detection added since ArsClip cannot paste directly into these programs
Fix: Old registry settings removed when sound option is disabled
Fix: Improved the External Editor routine

joejoe Jan-04-12 9:36 PM CST

Changes in v3.2.0

New: Configuration window reworked and categorized
New: Default popup view simplified for new installs
New: User defined Shift+Select and Ctrl+Select keystroke configuration options
New: External Editor support for text and picture clips
New: Clip size shown on tooltip hint
New: Option to use Virtual Desktop for the Trigger Window
New: Tooltip Hint will grow to show larger clips when hovered for longer

Fix: Configuration displayed by default when second instance is run
Fix: Configuration screen not displayed in foreground in some instances
Fix: System menu on popup showed old icons
Fix: 'Current' popup menu item not cleared correctly
Fix: Tweaks and fixes to the Clipboard Bar window
Fix: 'Edit Selected' popup menu item was not always working in Full Mode
Fix: Wrong icon sometimes shown on Program Options popup menu item
Fix: Configuration window shown on taskbar when opened

joejoe Nov-29-11 4:03 PM CST

Changes in 3.1.6

New: Trigger Window configuration option
New: Current popup history automatically saved every 10 minutes
New: 'Edit Clipboard' will now use your default text editor
New: Added an Edit Clipboard shortcut to the tooltip shown when left clicking the system tray icon
New: 'Destroy Item' added to right-click menu

Fix: Popup uses mouse position when target window doesn't correctly report the Caret position
Fix: Tweaked the Search window to try to reduce ignored keystrokes
Fix: Windows launched from Jumplist did not always appear in foreground
Fix: Workaround for popup menu position problems with maximized windows
Fix: Updated the CLIPBRD command to work with the RUN command in Permanent Clips

joejoe Mar-23-11 9:01 PM CDT

Changes in 3.1.5

[download replaced by above version]

New: Option to disable the default search word under Show Options

Fix: Removed "Integer Overflow" error message prompt, shown when some lists are empty
Fix: Full Mode now added by default when entire popup is blank
Fix: Column Break was accidentally shown in Full Mode
Fix: Search window pasting was destructive to selected text in target program
Fix: Keystrokes commands on Search window result could cause a crash when list was empty
Fix: Undelete sometimes shown instead of Remove on right-click context menu
Fix: "`" hotkey not triggering Full/Configured item on popup
Fix: Show Order window display problem
Fix: Using Switch from system tray was not saved for current foreground window
Fix: Previous Unicode test fix broke case sensitive configuration option
Fix: Text Item display issue when the only item shown on the popup
Fix: Various fixes to Removed Clips window
Fix: Tooltip Popup after a flush could access missing item
Fix: Workaround for disappearing controls when Alt is pressed

joejoe Jul-06-10 6:01 PM CDT

Changes in v3.1.4

[download replace by above version]

New: Jump List support for Windows 7
New: Icon's re-vamped
New: POPUPITEM command in Permanent Items
New: Updated URL fix code to encode spaces for a legal URL

Fix: "replace formatted text with plaintext" option caused a crash
Fix: Clipboard Bar state saved
Fix: Unicode text sometimes falsely detected as duplicate
Fix: Right-Click hold trigger ignored when the mouse is moving [for drag operations]
Fix: Reworded clips to use the word "clip" instead of "item"
Fix: Right-Click on a Permanent Clip on the popup caused an error message
Fix: Mimic Typing speed increased
Fix: Search didn't wait until typings stopped before searching
Fix: The "undelete" item missing from the Recently Removed Clip's right click menu
Fix: Small tweaks to the system tray's menu
Fix: Removed unused "Refresh" system tray item for Vista or above systems

joejoe May-20-09 7:17 PM CDT

Changes in v3.1.3

[download replace by above version]

New: Option to keep non-text items in a separate list
- Duplicate non-text clips now detected

New: Holding the right mouse button displays the popup
- RightClickDelay variable added to the ArsClip.ini text config file [defaults 600 milliseconds (0.6 seconds)]
- Added new "Program Options" setting to disable the right-click trigger for individual programs.

New: "Paste Selected" will combine and paste items as Unicode (when supported)
- Unicode text now displayed in "Paste Selected" dialog

New: "(Column Break)" item added to Show Order options

(EDIT)Fix: Display warning message if files data cannot be created
Fix: Workaround for crash when system tray icon triggered and display driver reset
- "OldTrayPopup" configuration option added to ArsClip.ini text file

Fix: Permanent Item global hotkeys incorrectly triggered by other programs/hardware
Fix: Errors when copying large, complex items [from programs like Excel]
Fix: Problem with Text Items format configuration
Fix: "Replace formatted text with plaintext" would alter some non-text items, like file copies.
Fix: Some data left on Edit History dialog after "Flush Everything"
Fix: Optional setup program updated
Fix: Minor GUI fixes for the configuration window
Fix: Missing tooltip for Recently Clicked items
Fix: Mimic Typing now works with AltGr generated characters
Fix: Some global hotkeys incorrectly triggered by other programs/hardware
Fix: "Clear" hotkey button not working for editing a Permanent Item

joejoe Jan-12-09 4:47 PM CST

Changes in v3.1.2

New: "Search" popup item
New: Recently Clicked popup submenu item [only shown when not empty]
New: Full/Configured Icon open "Show Order" configuration window
New: "Edit Permanent Items" added to submenu of All Items submenu and Switch To submenu
New: Edit button show on Popup for currently highlighted Permanent Item
New: Sound Enable is now a configuration item (requires registry write when enabled)

Fix: "Make Permanent" failed on the very first run
Fix: New popup menu items don't require a reset of the Show Order user configuration options
Fix: Clipboard Watcher causing constant monitoring refreshing
Fix: Shortcut key for "Last" is now reserved even when not currently shown
Fix: Using the Windows Key as hotkey could cause other hotkeys to execute
Fix: "Permission denied" message incorrectly shown for programs with no text fields
Fix: Dragged Permanent Items with keystrokes problem
Fix: "All Items" was not displayed if last group was empty
Fix: Menu item renamed to "Permanent Groups"
Fix: Right-Click on Non-text Items was not working

joejoe Apr-16-08 5:08 PM CDT

Changes in v3.1.1

New: Marker for the current text item on the clipboard
New: Experimental 'Clipboard Bar' system tray menu option
New: Option to set the smallest popup item height in pixels - default 16
New: Icons scaled to fit popup item height
New: Configuration option to disable the 'Copy Selected' operation for non-standard text controls [enabled by default]

Fix: Images copied in Internet Explorer detected as HTML instead of pictures
Fix: Tweaks for the colors on Win2K systems
Fix: Tweaks for Win2K and XP with basic theme
Fix: Rendering of 'System' item and checkboxes update on the popup
Fix: Tweaks to the left column and tooltip header colors to be more compatible with different OSes
Fix: Tooltip shown on tray icon click covered up the icon - interfering with further clicking
Fix: Current Permanent Items doesn't need to be shown in Full Mode, when configured not shown
Fix: "Last:" item doesn't need to be shown in Full Mode when empty
Fix: Tweaks to the 'Edit Selected' item to be more responsive and eliminate possible freezing
Fix: Duplicate line separators sometimes shown
Fix: 'Edit Selected' disabled for the desktop
Fix: 'Mimic Type' setting in Program Options menu item not working
Fix: The "Save to" group option only worked for existing items, not new items.

joejoe Feb-17-08 3:31 PM CST

Changes in v3.1.0

(Note: Original Release had a problem saving permanent items, 310b fixes that problem)

New: XP/Vista Theme Support
New: Updated look for the main popup and the system tray icon popup
New: Option to replace new formatted text clipboard items with plain text
New: "Edit Clipboard" sytem tray icon command
New: "Edit Selected" popup menu item
New: "Move to" right-click option for items on the Permanent Items window
New: Permanent Item edit window now has an option for saving the item to another group
New: Current Clipboard item shown when the system tray icon is clicked
New: Popup hotkey shown on tooltip when system tray icon hovered
New: Option to use a case sensative text item list
New: Included Removed Items in the "Move to first" when selected option
New: Option to show the Edit Item window instead of the popup when highlighted items are detected
New: Pressing Tab simulates pressing the cliptype icon on the main popup
New: "Application" keyboard key can be used instead of a right-click on menu items

Fix: Crash creating a permanent item when no default group exist
Fix: Ctrl+Click configuration option not loaded correctly
Fix: Improved the display speed of the tooltip when the item contains a very large amount of text
Fix: [Program Options->Shift+Insert] setting was not working
Fix: "Current" Permanent Group missing from popup under some configurations
Fix: Some Configuration items re-worded and re-organized
Fix: Hotkey was not being show on system tray's tooltip when "flashing" the icon setting disabled
Fix: Permanent Item name wasn't set when editing certain types of clips

joejoe Jun-11-07 11:47 PM CDT

Changes in v3.0.3

New: Permanent Items edit window
New: added Help/About tab to Permanent Items
Fix: "All Items" not shown when no Permanent Items exist
Fix: Empty permanent item groups not shown

joejoe Mar-14-07 9:51 PM CDT

Changes in v3.0.2

New: "Flush Clipboard" system tray command

Fix: "Switch To" configuration option not loaded
Fix: -data command fix for 2 files
Fix: Edit window "sticking" when accelerator keys used on popup
Fix: "Maximum width" not loaded on restart
Fix: Broken chain detected, but not corrected

joejoe Feb-03-07 8:17 PM CST

Changes in 3.0.1

New: Vista Clipboard API support - no more chain breaks in Vista
New: "Show Order" configuration option to fully configure the popup
New: popup max width option
New: [Popup -> Tooltip Hint] max width and height options
New: Improved disabled monitoring notification on the system tray
New: Save to Popup button on the Edit Item window
New: [P] cliptype icon for pictures

Fix: "-data" switch not saving all files in profile
Fix: Removed Items Flush rewritten
Fix: Program quits in Vista when hotkey pressed for High integrity process
Fix: Pictures scaled to fit tooltip
Fix: Only true type fonts were shown on Set Popup Font dialog
Fix: now only Text or Non-Text icons are outlined when highlighted
Fix: "Show Options" simplified to reflect Show Order changes
Fix: Font styles, sizes, and color settings for popup implemented (see Set Popup Font button)
Fix: minor font changes to windows and dialogs for ClearType support

joejoe Jan-12-07 4:29 PM CST

Changes in 3.0.0

New: Right-Click menu item to show Menu (woohoo!)
New: Improved tooltip (hint window) graphics and positioning
New: Updated visuals for highlighted popup items
New: Program icon can be clicked on popup to Edit current item
New: "Program options" item on popup
New: "[CLIPBRD]" keystroke/command that inserts current clipboard contents into a Permanent Item when pasted - making it a template.
New: added "-data" command line option to store data in the current user's profile
New: "Edit" button on preview window
New: Right-Click cut/copy/paste menu for Edit window
New: Disable Chain Break detection option (for Vista)
New: Improved accelerator keys generation
New: Improved Unicode item displaying in Permanent Items

Fix: Index Out of Bounds error occurs when users run ArsClip for long periods of time
Fix: Problems when configured to show main popup on system tray
Fix: Removed Items Flush can fail if program immediately closed
Fix: Workaround for VBA (Visual Basic) clipboard items
Fix: Rare case where chain break detection is turned off permanently after the first break
Fix: Problem with Removed Items cache off by 1
Fix: Access Error when no text, non-text, or permanent items are on the popup.

joejoe Mar-18-06 1:34 AM CST

Changes in 2.8.7

Fix: text truncated when pasted twice and "Last:" Show Option enabled

joejoe Feb-26-06 2:42 PM CST

Changes in 2.8.6

New: Popup rewritten
New: Clickable cliptype icon to paste as formatted text
New: Complex text items configuration option for HTML, Unicode, and RichText
New: Improved ellipses (...) for URLs and filenames
New: Flush Everything system tray option
New: Automatically generated shortcut keys for all main popup items, including Permanent Items [when option enabled]
New: "SPACE" keyboard emulation option

Fix: Flushed items sometimes revert after a reboot
Fix: Hoovered tooltip's height limited

joejoe Jan-12-06 5:18 PM CST

Changes in 2.8.5

Fix: Complex Permanent Items ignored
Fix: Delete Group button broken
Fix: Show "Last/Current" config options broken
Fix: "Edit Item" menu item not working on Permanent Items
Fix: Dialogs/Tooltips only appearing on Primary monitor for multi-monitor systems
New: (Paste Clipboard as Plaintext) hotkey
New: "Run" command added and renamed "Keystroke" checkbox
New: Global hotkey shown in tooltip

joejoe Dec-31-05 4:18 PM CST

Changes in v2.8.4

Fix: Error message when you press a Global Hotkey
Fix: Move and Edit dialog windows sometimes appearing offscreen
Fix: "Make Permanet Item" fails when AutoPreview tab is selected
Fix: Some buttons incorrectly enabled on Permanent Items form
Fix: Crash when moving very last permanent item
Fix: Global Hotkey not included for "Move" button
Fix: "Division by Zero" when displaying empty "Removed Items"

joejoe Dec-29-05 11:32 AM CST

Changes in v2.8.3

Fix: New/Up/Down buttons not working in Permenent Items
Fix: CTRL and SHIFT reversed for Global hotkeys

NOTE: Program version reads incorrectly as v2.8.2 - but it's the correct release.

joejoe Dec-27-05 6:52 PM CST

Changes in v2.8.1

Fix: Recently Removed items count not set on restart
Fix: "Switch to" configuration options not working
Fix: Reworded some configuration option to be clearer in meaning
Fix: Firefox 1.5 items not being retreived as CF_HTML
New: Optional Global Hotkeys for each permanent item
New: "Clear" permanent item keystroke to clear the clipboards contents

joejoe Dec-09-05 3:22 PM CST

Changes in v2.8.0

Fix: 100% CPU usage for Next / Previous Tooltip Popup
New: Configuration option for Recently Removed item


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