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joejoe Jul-15-14 12:42 AM CDT

ArsClip Quickfix Release


Version 4.19 of ArsClip has been officially released. This version addresses some important issues with the previous version and adds three new features.

joejoe Jul-08-14 2:02 PM CDT

ArsClip Release


Version 4.18 of ArsClip has been officially released. The main changes are a better organized Configuration window, and easier hotkey assignment for Permanent Clips/Macros.

The biggest change is the Configuration window. This window was completely reworked and re-organized. The amount of clicks it takes no navigate is less, so it should be easier to traverse. A new Configuration Mode customizes the layout into three modes: Basic, Standard, and Expand All.

The Permanent Clips/Macros window has been updated to make assigning global hotkeys easier. Hotkeys are now assigned directly on the main window. A new "_System" group is automatically created and populated with many useful macros. Unlike other Permanent Groups, this group does not show on the popup. This makes it good place to store macros that are only accessed by global hotkeys.

Also included in this version are some new Popup keystrokes and visual changes, some new Configuration options, two new macro commands, and many fixes.

joejoe Jul-02-14 11:33 PM CDT

ArsClip and Recently Removed

There has been feedback lately asking about the Recently Removed menu on the Popup. This feature has been replaced by Clip Sets. Increasing the clips shown on the Popup will create an expandable menu of clips. This is virtually identical to the Recently Removed menu, so it was removed.

The only feature that's not present is the 'Removed Clips' menu for opening the Edit History window. This will be added to Clip Sets automatically in the next release. Until then, this window can be accessed under the System menu (as Edit History).

NOTE: [Clipboard Monitoring>History] on the Configuration window is used to increase clips shown on the Popup.

joejoe Jun-12-14 11:38 AM CDT

A Quick Update for ArsClip


ArsClip v4.17 has been officially released. This version features a quick fix for some important bugs and a tweaked Popup.

The look of the Popup has been reworked. The goals of these changes are simple: adjust importance and make things look like what they do. These changes are a combination of many small tweaks to the visuals.
- each type of menu has a distinct visual style
- cliptype icons have been moved
- shortcut keys are more clearly marked
- menus that open a window have been clearly marked
- etc

Also, a Filter feature has been added to Clip Sets on the Popup. Unlike the 'Search and Paste' window, this allows for filtering Popup Clips directly on the Popup.

The "Access Violation" and "Cannot Create File" errors have been addressed in this version. The first error occurred rarely on installs that removed formatting from the clipboard. The second error occurred when a corrupt clip file was found, but not properly handled.

joejoe Jun-01-14 2:38 PM CDT

ArsClip Release


ArsClip v4.16 is now an official release version. This update contains many fixes created over the past few months.

The main new features for this release are really just polishes. They are a reworked Configuration window and reworked Commands menu for Permanent Clips/Macros. It's now easier to find an understand the Configuration options. For example, "Display Options" is now a major category under Popup. The Command menu has been edited in a similar way, with less clutter at the top levels and more categories of items.

joejoe Apr-25-14 3:05 AM CDT

New Popularity

For many years, Rename Master has been the number one downloaded program on this site. It used to be downloaded twice as much as the second most popular program, ArsClip. In the past few weeks, ArsClip has been downloaded much more than usual.

My theory is that a clipboard manager is the top program that most people don't know they need. Word of mouth seems to be how people discover a clipboard manager. What has happened recently is that the top Google hit for "clipboard manager" now brings up a 5 year old article discussing the top programs in this category - which includes ArsClip. It is funny how much the program has changed since.

joejoe Dec-18-13 3:30 PM CST

Last Updates for 2013

Both ArsClip and Rename Master have new official releases this month. Rename Master's release is almost purely a bug-fix release. ArsClip's release features tweaks to the Clipboard Bar, some new configuration options, and quite a few fixes.

joejoe Oct-09-13 4:34 PM CDT

ArsClip Update


Version 4.13 of ArsClip has been officially released. Beside bug fixes, the focus of this release was on two items: the Clipboard Bar and the clip file format.

The Clipboard Bar has been updated to be a mouse-friendly control. Besides displaying the current clipboard, it now also acts as a drag-and-drop target, a popup trigger, and a clipboard manager. For drag-and-drop support, clips can be dragged to be pasted as text, clips can be dragged to a file manager to create a new file, and text/richtext clips can be dragged onto the Clipboard Bar to paste the file contents onto the clipboard. The new Toolbar for the Clipboard Bar is a centralized location for clipboard management. The current clip can be shown in an editor, altered, and/or made into a Permanent Clip.

The old clip file format was showing growing pains. Over the years, the way clips have been stored has changed drastically. For compatibility, new features usually required a new file to store new data. It could require seven different files just to load a single clips. The new clip format uses a single file to store all the data associated with a clip. The end result is simplicity and efficiency.

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